Did you know that Uganda Wildlife Safaris will take you to renowned protected areas such as national parks?

Wildlife Safaris to the Pearl of Africa-Uganda offers the best beautiful scenery and game viewing. They will take you to the best destinations in Uganda. Explore the untouched savannah areas that have great climatic and calm terrain hence leaving you with great memories. Uganda is blessed with different attractions and has almost 5 savannah national parks that are distributed in different corners of the country.

This wildlife safari normally takes place in Queen Elizabeth, Semlik, Murchison Falls, lake Mburo, Kidepo Valley National Parks, and game reserves such as Pian-Upe, Matheniko, Bokora Corridor, and many more. All these are rewarding places with great adventure. Spot the big five animals (elephant, lion, Rhino, leopard, and Buffalo). The rhinos can be found only at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Nakasongola.

While on the Uganda Wildlife Safari, take part in different activities. These include; game drives which normally take about 2 hours full of wonderful moments like bush breakfast, sundowners, sunrises and sunsets, and many more. The game drives are normally done under the supervision of the park guide well-armed for protection in case of an animal attack. These game drives are done in 3 shifts that are morning, evening, and night game drives. Our safari company used a professional safari driver guide and the vehicles used are well maintained with full-time 4X4 wheel drive.

Another activity can be hot air ballooning which is only done in Murchison Falls National Park and this offers the best aerial view of the surroundings and wildlife. This experience is amazing with a mouthwatering glass of champagne at the end of the experience. For those who don’t take alcohol, there is an option of grabbing a glass of juice. Like a game drive, this experience can last for 2 hours.

Boat Cruise Experiences on Uganda Wildlife Safaris

The boat cruise is another way of spotting wildlife in the savannahs and this exposes visitors to a chance of viewing water-loving animals such as hippos and crocodiles. On top of this, enjoy the breathtaking adventure of the air, and different birds including migrants. The 2 hours cruising on the waters of Albert Nile in Murchison Falls, Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Lake Mburo in Lake Mburo National Park will create everlasting memories.

Nature walks are done on foot under the maximum supervision of the park ranger guide. These are done in the morning and late evening. Bird watching is a way to go since there are different bird species in Uganda ranging from savannah to water-loving birds. Abyssinian ground hornbill, Senegal thick-knee, black-headed lapwing, giant heron, the rare shoebill stork, ostriches, Grey-crowned crane, and many more.

You can combine a wildlife safari with either a cultural safari or a gorilla safari to blend and feed the real African setting under nature. Uganda offers over 59 different and unique cultures that are evenly spread around the country. The mighty mountain gorillas can be visited in either Bwindi National Park or Mgahinga National Park.

What is the best time to take Uganda Wildlife Safaris?

All year round is suitable for a wildlife safari only that the best time is in the dry seasons which are two in a year. December to March and June to August is when the roads connecting to the park and inside the park are dry. There is no interruption of the rains that can hinder the experience. During the Dry Season, wild animals can be found gathering at the water sources such as rivers and lakes. For the best wildlife safari to the pearl, contact us today we create memories together.

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