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As a former Safari Guide here in East Africa, I wanted my friends, family and relatives to experience the thrill and wonder that I enjoy while I take visitors around Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Congo. They didn’t however seem interested. So I used my own capability and experience in tours with help from my friends to create a tour company that gives everyone an opportunity to discover the fascinating places I have been travelling to for the last 9 years. It’s my honor to be part of the team that planning your next adventure”. Chris Explorer.


Bring all your Africa travel dreams and interests; let our safari team create a perfect holiday for you! Whether wildlife, local cultures, adventure or vacations, these are our specialties. We can help you explore the unforgettable Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. We can make your ideal gateway to Africa happen.


Our Tours span the whole East African region, giving us the ability to create a classic travel plan for you even to the most remote areas of this region. Think of Serengeti in Tanzania, Volcanoes National Park Rwanda, Masai Mara in Kenya, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda, or Nyiragongo Volcano in Congo are some of the popular destinations in the region. These are some of the destinations in the region however our safari planners have travelled all over the region. Would you like to visit any of those countries, our team is more than ready to help you figure that out.

We are listed on www.safaribookings.com

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