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Africa Gorilla Tours and Wildlife Safaris

Exclusive Africa gorilla trekking tours and wildlife safaris. The top best Uganda Safaris and gorilla trekking tour packages for both budget and luxury travelers. Gorilla trekking tours and safaris in Uganda or Africa are a great way to discover the hidden treasures of this amazing Pearl of Africa. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced traveler, we are here to tailor your Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Congo safaris to suit your travel budget and needs.

Trekking gorillas and undertaking wildlife tours in Africa has never been easy! Looking for Africa gorilla trekking tours and wildlife safaris in East Africa? Then Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo are the best options. Gorillas can only be found on the continent of Africa, where they live in high-altitude areas and lush tropical forests. There are two species of gorillas; more well-known eastern gorillas which include the mountain gorillas and eastern lowland gorillas living in the massive Virunga Mountain range, which traverses Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A Uganda gorilla trekking tour or Uganda gorilla habituation safari will take you to places like Bwindi Impenetrable National Park as well as Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. With 4 gorilla trekking sectors (Buhoma sector, Ruhija sector, Nkuringo sector, and Rushaga sector), Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is one place that you should not miss while on a Uganda wildlife and gorilla tour or adventure. The park has 26 habituated mountain gorilla families available for trekking. For those in need of an extended time in the presence of these gorillas, taking on a Uganda gorilla habituation safari is ideal.

Gorilla trekking tours and gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda take place in the Volcanoes National Park. The park is located in the northern parts of Rwanda near the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This makes it a favorite destination for combined Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo gorilla trekking tours. Combined gorilla trekking adventure safaris and tours take you to amazing gorilla tour destinations like Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Volcanoes National Park, Virunga National Park, Kahuzi Biega National Park. Book yourself an amazing lowland gorilla trekking tour in Africa and explore the amazing Kahuzi Biega National Park.

Other than gorilla trekking tours in Africa, your African safari will take you through the lush savannah vegetation. Taking on a combined gorilla trekking and wildebeest migration tour in Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda) gives you a chance to see millions of wildebeests and primates in the jungle. Wildebeest migration tours in Africa can be done in Serengeti National Park (Tanzania) and Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve. Book yourself a combined gorilla trekking and wildebeest migration safari and make your African tour or safari dreams come true.

Our Africa tour packages and safari trip packages involve other amazing activities. Like chimpanzee tracking tours, boat cruise safaris, community tours. City tours, Beach holiday safaris, Africa-exclusive cultural tours, hiking adventures, birding tours, and many more. Birding safaris or Uganda birding tours enable travelers to spend time in the presence of the many Rift Valley endemic species of birds. We’ll take you to the best East Africa birding tours and safari destinations. These include; Mabamba Swamp, Bigodi Wetland, Semuliki National Park, Lake Bunyonyi, and many more.

Now that you have an idea about Uganda Safaris and Africa tours, book yourself a tour package and create an everlasting memory.

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Gorilla Trekking in Africa

Gorilla trekking in Africa is such an amazing adventure that allows travelers to get up close with the gentle giants.  The other gorilla species, western gorillas and cross-river gorillas can be found across the central and other regions of the African continent. Therefore, one has an opportunity to interact directly with the enormous mountain gorillas while on an East African gorilla safari. The two species can be distinguished by the thickness of their fur and the difference in body size. Eastern gorillas are larger and have more body fur than the western gorillas. According to the recent census, there are roughly 5,000 eastern gorillas in the world, of whom about 1064 are mountain gorillas. Even though gorillas and humans live in very different settings, it is thought that they share a common ancestor. The DNA of gorillas is 98% similar to that of humans.

The world's toughest primate species is the gorilla. They are sociable animals that live in troop-style communities. Each troop is commanded by a dominant male, known as "a silverback". Female Gorillas are the majority in any group and have the responsibility of reproduction and nursing the young ones. Silverback keeps the entire group safe and explores new areas each day as they go. They own the forest, therefore each day they move from one territory to another.

Feeding Habits among gorillas 

Vegetables, fruits, stems, and insects are occasionally fed upon by these gorillas. Water is obtained from dew in the morning and from leaves and fruits they consume. Moms breastfeed their young, milk them, assist in tick removal, and rest on the fur. Infants move around, eat, play, and carry out activities like climbing trees and picking out fruits all day long. Gorillas will have moved into a new territory in two days, building their nests in the twilight.

Gorilla trekking is a component of any gorilla tour in Africa. It is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and trekkers will be able to encounter gorillas in their natural habitat. The exercise begins very early in the morning after a 30-minute registration and pre-trek briefing, during which the ranger guides will go over the rules with visitors. These include not littering the park, not making noise, keeping a distance of about 7 meters from gorillas when taking photos, not looking directly into their eyes, properly disposing of human waste, and more.

Before being attached to a habituated family, the trekking paperwork will be verified. The trekking activity lasts between two and eight hours, depending on your hiking pace and the gorilla family’s movements, and there is a possibility to spot many plant species, birds, forest creatures, and primates. You will be granted one hour to take pictures and see gorillas up close while the ranger guide answers your questions. The ranger guide will walk you through this process when you come across the gorillas during their feeding, grooming, and playing sessions.

Popular destinations that host incredible Gorilla and Wildlife Tours in Africa

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

The Popular destinations that host incredible Gorilla and Wildlife Tours in Africa. This national park is located in south southwestern corner of Uganda and is a sought-after world-class tourism destination. It harbors more than half of the world’s surviving mountain gorillas with a total population of 650 registered in the census carried out in 2018. This census will be carried out after every 5 years.

There are 22 habituated gorilla groups in Bwindi National Park, although it should be noted that the gorilla habituation process takes two - to three years to complete. These gorilla groups are dispersed throughout the park's four regions: Buhoma sector with six groups, Ruhija with five, Rushaga has eight, and Nkuringo has three groups, each of which has various gorillas.

After a general briefing session, gorilla trekking begins at 8:00 a.m. The tour guide will then direct visitors to the assigned gorilla group in cooperation with an advanced team of trackers, who by 6:00 am trace the gorillas from where they were left the day before until they find them and connect with the guide who with the tourists to make the task of tracing them easier. Since there is no shelter in the wilderness, it is advisable to carry adequate water and packed lunch when hiking because it may take longer than expected. You should also bring rain gear to prevent unforeseen weather changes and be prepared for rain.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is one of the Popular destinations that host incredible Gorilla and Wildlife Tours in Africa. One of Uganda's ten national parks, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is home to mountain gorillas just like Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. It is found in the south-western region of Uganda, at the base of the Giant Virunga Mountain range. There is only one gorilla troop available for trekking in this less crowded park. The practice of trekking begins very early in the morning and lasts for between 2 to 8 hours under the direction of knowledgeable ranger guides. One of the smallest wildlife parks in the nation, it is secure and abundant in both plants and animals.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda costs 800 USD for non-resident foreigners, 700 USD for foreign residents, and 250,000 UGX for East African nationals. The money goes toward park admission, environmental protection, and paying the ranger guides who show you around. Accommodation, transportation, porters, and extra activities are not included.

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Let our safari team create a perfect holiday for you! Whether wildlife, local cultures, adventure or vacations, these are our specialties. We can help you explore the unforgettable Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. We can make your ideal gateway to Africa happen.

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Gorilla trekking in Rwanda

Rwanda stands out as one of the must-visit locations on the African continent for gorilla trekking safaris. The activity is available in Northeastern Volcanoes National Park, a two to three-hour drive from the country's capital, Kigali. One-fourth of all mountain gorillas in the world reside here. It is located at the base of the massive Virunga Mountain range, which spans Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Park opens to tourists at 7:00 am, with pre-trek briefing starting at 8:30 am. The exercise lasts for 1-8 hours, depending on how far the gorillas have migrated, with an additional hour for photography and listening to the guides' comments.

For foreign non-residents, nationals, and residents, gorilla trekking permits in Rwanda cost 1500 USD, which includes park access, a ranger guide, and conservation fees. It does not include further pursuits, lodging, transportation, or other personal services. Along with other things, you will appreciate the rich tropical forest's splendor. Booking at least 3 months in advance is advised in Rwanda.

What is the best time to do Gorilla trekking tours in Africa?

Are you wondering about the best time to do Gorilla trekking tours in Africa? Gorilla trekking tours in Africa are year-round activities. But when it's a little dryer, like from June to September and from December to February, it works best. Visitors frequently receive discounts and go to less crowded locations during the wet months of November, March, and May.

What do you need to pack for a gorilla trekking tour in Africa?

The length of your stay in a given location will determine what to pack. Simple packing facilitates your trips and reduces the expense of your luggage. You will need a decent pair of hiking boots, a sweater, hand gloves, a long-sleeved shirt, a pesticide, a professional camera for photography, and more in addition to the trekking permit and other travel documentation. What you need to know is that gorillas are exclusively found on the continent of Africa, and are the closest cousins to humans with an over 98% DNA resemblance. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, this is! It is important to know about the best time to do your gorilla trekking tours in Africa (Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo). This will help you plan well and book your gorilla trekking permits in advance. 

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