East African Combined Safaris

Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Rwanda are some of the popular countries that make up the Eastern African Region. These countries are within the Sub-Saharan region of Africa and therefore experience tropical climate which means that they experience good and favorable weather all year round and hence can be visited at any time of the year.

Each country is uniquely endowed with natural resources and physical features, people, and culture and each has its history such as the different countries that colonized them.

Some attractions are shared by these countries such as Lake Victoria shared by Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, Mount Elgon is shared by Uganda and Kenya, Mount Mgahinga is shared by Rwanda and Uganda, Lake Tanganyika is shared by Tanzania and Uganda. These are just some of the various attractions shared among the countries.

Uganda also known as the pearl of Africa is a landlocked country that boasts of diverse landforms and water bodies that can be visited. Its people are known for being hospitable, the Ugandan culture is made up of more than 56 languages like the Baganda in the central region, Bagisu, Basoga, Bagwere, and Itesots in the Eastern region, Lou, Acholi, Lugbara in the North and then the Ankole, Bakiga, and Batooro in the western region. These are just a part of the diverse cultures in Uganda, despite the different languages; most people in Uganda understand the Luganda dialect and use English as the country’s official language its capital is known as Kampala.

Uganda has popular attractions such as the source of the world’s longest river, the Nile, the highest snowcapped mountain which is Rwenzori, and has a variety of animals such as the Crested crane, the big 5 safari animals, Nile crocodiles, and impalas among many others. Uganda is also among the only three countries in the world that host the endangered mountain gorillas.


While in Uganda, here are some of the top destinations you should visit;

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Located in Western Uganda, this park is known for hosting the big 4 animals including the tree-climbing lions. The Park is ideal for wildlife game drives, boat rides along the Kazinga channel, and bird watching within the Kasenyi sector and the Mweya peninsula area. The park is within the Rift Valley region and therefore contains crater lakes like Lake Katwe known for salt mining.

Bwindi Forest and Mgahinga National Parks

These two parks are the only places in Uganda where one can go gorilla trekking, both are located in Western Uganda and offer exciting gorilla trekking experiences. Bwindi is the most visited since it has the highest number of gorilla families and each can only be visited by 8 people per day.

Lake Victoria

This is the largest water body in Uganda and East Africa at large. Boat rides and fishing activities can be carried out on this lake, which is accessed either from Jinja or Entebbe towns. It spreads out to other inland districts too.

Source of R. Nile

 The source of the Nile is regarded as the starting point for Africa’s longest river waters before they flow towards Egypt and pour their waters into the Pacific Ocean. The source of the Nile is in Jinja district and while there you can enjoy activities like white water rafting, bungee jumping, boat rides and so much more.


This is another small landlocked country known for having a very hilly terrain hence dubbed as “The land of a thousand hills.” It is the second country in Africa to offer Mountain gorilla trekking experiences and its capital Kigali is known for being the cleanest in Africa. The people in Rwanda speak Kinyarwanda, English, and French as their official languages. It has a variety of beautiful national parks such as;

Volcanoes National Park

This is where mountain gorilla trekking is carried out for $1500, the most expensive compared to its neighbors. Mountain climbing can also be carried out here alongside birding and nature walks. The Park is where legendary Dian Fossey did her research for over 18 years.

Nyungwe Forest National Park  

This rainforest is located in the southwestern part of the country. It is famously known for having a suspended bridge that is 160 km long and raised high within the trees, referred to as the canopy walk. While on this adventure, you can see a vast tree canopy and an aerial view of the forest. It is one of the two bridges of its kind in Africa.

Other attractions include Akagera National Park, Kigali City, museums, Twin Lakes, and Lake Kivu.


One of the largest countries in Africa and the third in offering gorilla trekking adventures.  It is a special country because it has a variety of mineral resources like gold and copper, large water bodies like the Congo basin, and is the only country with both the Mountain and Eastern Lowland gorillas. Its capital is Kinshasa and over the years it has faced political unrests that have hindered its tourism industry’s growth.

Virunga National Park

This is where the mountain gorillas can be trekked at a fee of $400, the cheapest among all the three countries. While here tourists can also visit other animals like elephants, buffaloes, Zebras and so much more. You can also hike any mountains found in the park like Mount Mikeno.

Mount Nyiragongo

This is an active mountain with the largest known lava-dammed lake that is still boiling. The lake is about 40 meters deep, tourists can hike the mountain and finally get to see and spend the night beside the lake whose Smokey fumes can be seen from as far as Rwanda during the night.

Another national park one can visit is Kahuzi-Biega National Park, the home to the Eastern lowland gorillas and lots of other beautiful animals.


This country has a coastline along the Indian Ocean and hence has several aquatic wildlife. The country’s capital is Nairobi and its people speak both English and Kiswahili as their official languages. Kenya also has several national parks such as;

Masai Mara National Reserve

Home to the big 5 safari animals like elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, leopards, and lions, and over 500 bird species like the long-crested eagles. The park is mostly known for the wildebeest migrations that occur every year. These animals come from Serengeti National Park. The park is also near the Masai people who have an interesting culture and are pastoralists.

Lake Nakuru National Park

This area is known for the beautiful flamingoes that stay along the shores of the lake. The bird’s pink and white colors are what attract tourists to visit the park. It also has animals like monkeys, baboons, antelopes, and giraffes and it offers game drives across the park.


This country has the largest portion of land being conserved, over 38% of its land is protected for conservation. The major landmark in the country is Mount Kilimanjaro which can also be seen from Kenya. It has a variety of attractions within its national parks and it also borders the Indian Ocean. Its capital is Dodoma and its people mostly speak English and Swahili.

Serengeti National Park

It is known for the wildebeest migrations that occur yearly as these animals crossover to the Masai Mara Park. Visitors book in advance to watch these animals migrate. The park also has diverse animal species like buffaloes, zebras, and giraffes. Game drives within the park are a popular activity.

Ngorongoro Crater

This is a crate lake close to Serengeti National Park, it harbors a variety of bird species, animals like antelopes including the big 5 safari animals. While here you can also see the wildebeest migration happening. It is one of the top tourist destinations in Tanzania.

Lake Tanganyika

One of the deepest lakes in Africa, it is located on the Uganda-Tanzania border and several activities are carried out there like Boat rides and fishing. It is a long narrow lake located within the Great East African Rift valley.



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