Amboseli National Park is located in Kajiado County in Kenya. This park was formally known as the Masai Amboseli Game Reserve. It was started in the southern reserve for the Masai in 1906. Then it was later turned into the local control game reserve in 1948. In 1974, Amboseli was gazette as a national park to protect wildlife.

The word Amboseli originates from a Masai empusel meaning salt dust place. This makes it the best place for the large herds of elephants. Also, the park has the best views of the Kilimanjaro mountains since the southern part of the park rises towards mountain Kilimanjaro through the Kenya and Tanzania border.

In this park, there are communities of people that have been staying like the Masai. And doing intensive agriculture on a large scale along the swamps of Lake Amboseli. Amboseli National Park covers a total distance of about 390 square kilometers.

What to do in the Amboseli National Park?

In this park, there are a variety of activities that the travelers embark on for their interests, desires, and experiences they would wish to have. They include;

Game viewing

This is one of the popular tourist activities in the park that tourists love doing usually and the perfect time to do this activity is usually 6 am since the animals will have started feeding. some of the animals that are usually seen include large herds of elephants, buffaloes, lions, peacocks, baboons, spotted hyenas, and many others.

Walking safari

The walking safari or nature walk will offer an opportunity for tourists to walk through the park sitting some of the wildlife also have an aerial view of the park on the observation hill where you will be able to see the beauty of the park.


The park is home to over 420 bird species 47 of which are raptor species. This activity is mostly done in the rainy seasons since the birds are usually available since their breeding time. These birds include kingfishers, crakes, hammertoes, and many others.

Cultural encounters

The park is filled with the Masai culture who are the major natives of the area. This community is among the communities that escaped the influence of the Western culture and remained in their natural setting. As you get to encounter the Masai, you will learn about their way of living, the economic activities they do, and their mode of dressing.

What  to see in Amboseli National Park – Attractions

Amboseli National Park

Observation hill

This is a pyramid-shaped hill with one of the best summits that allows a tourist on their nature walks to have the best views of the park while seeing the beauty of the park. To hike this hill, you are advised to have a pair of binoculars to see the wildlife in the swamps looking for water.


The park is home to a variety of wildlife species especially the large herds of elephants other wildlife includes lions, buffaloes, hippos, antelopes, rhinos’ leopards, all-over, Topis, wildebeests, spotted hyenas, and many others. This wildlife moves freely throughout the park. The best time to see this wildlife is usually during the dry season. The dry season is in June, October, December, and up to February but throughout the year, you can visit it.

Lake Amboseli

The lake was there before the park was gazette and that is where the name of the park originated from. This lake is where the elephants shower from and other wildlife also use it as a source of water. The swamps on this lake are habitats for some bird species and also on the lake one can do a boat cruise.

Sinet delta

This is located a few meters away from the observation hill in the northern part of the park. This delta is a good spot for birding since it is where the unique bird species are located. This delta is situated with a lot of acacia tree species for the birds to harbor in which makes it a true birders haven.

Masai culture

This is one of the communities that live near the park. They are believed to be the communities that refused the Western culture and remained in the African cultural style.

What is the best time to visit the Amboseli National Park?

The best time to visit the Amboseli National Park is throughout the yea. However, the dry season months of June to October to and December to February are considered. It is highly recommended that tourists plan accordingly to the best time.

Accommodation facilities in Amboseli National Park

The accommodation facilities in the Amboseli National Park range from midrange, to budget and luxury where the travelers have a variety to choose from.

Tortilis camp

This is a luxury cottage located in the park. It is near the border of Kenya and Tanzania with the best stunning views of the park and the mountain Kilimanjaro. It also has luxury tents, family tents, and private houses for all kinds of travelers.

Oilepo Amboseli Safari Lodge

This is a midrange accommodation found outside the park 800 meters away with also the best views of the park and the mountain Kilimanjaro.

Uzima cottages

Uzima cottages are located outside the park that about 11 km from the Iremito gate of the park. It is 28 km away from the Mbirikani and the Great Rift Valley.

How to access Amboseli National Park?

The park is usually accessed by road and air whereas by road, there are several routes to access the park. By road starting from Nairobi to Meshanani gate, the journey takes about two hours and thirty minutes to the entrance points of the park via Isinya and Magadi. Also, the Namanga town which is near the border point of Kenya and Tanzania is just 45 to 60 minutes to the park’s main gate. By air, you will need to book the domestic flights from Nairobi to the Amboseli airstrip. The flights takes half an hour to access the park.

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