A Uganda Safari in August

Are you planning to do a Uganda safari in August and perhaps wondering whether it is the best time? August is usually considered a peak safari month in Uganda. This implies that gorilla trekking permits are in high demand and accommodation prices are higher. Should this mean that budget travelers should cancel their Uganda safari in August? The answer is NO. It is not the best idea to cancel or reschedule your Uganda tour or Uganda gorilla trekking or wildlife tour in August. With the help of an expert Uganda safari planner, you can have your Uganda safari in August without breaking the bank.

In this article, we shall be able to answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions about a Uganda safari in August. We shall also delve into the ways or tips for getting the most out of your Uganda tour or safari in August. All you need to do is grab a pen and paper and write some notes down. By the time you finish reading the article, you will be one step away from taking on a Uganda safari in August.

Is it possible to get a Uganda gorilla permit in August?

August is one of the high-season months for safaris in Uganda, especially gorilla trekking safaris. This implies that the month comes with many travelers demanding gorilla trekking permits. Is it your first time to hear about words “gorilla trekking permits in Uganda”? In simple terms, a Uganda gorilla trekking permit is a legal document issued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority to travelers on a gorilla safari. In other words, for one to take part in a gorilla trekking adventure, he or she must have a valid gorilla trekking permit.

Now that you have known about a gorilla permit in Uganda, you might be wondering about the price. The price of a gorilla trekking permit in Uganda for foreign non-residents is USD 800 Per person per trek.

It is possible to book or secure your Uganda gorilla trekking permit in August. Gorilla trekking permits in Uganda have no monthly restrictions. They are rather issued on a first-come-first-serve basis. This implies that those who book earlier get their permits early enough. Now that you know that they are highly demanded in August, why don’t you secure yours at least three months before your trip? This saves you last-minute inconveniences.

Can I see mountain gorillas in Uganda in August?

Yes, it is possible to see mountain gorillas on a Uganda safari in August. Gorilla trekking tours in Uganda are done in two major safari destinations. These include; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. These Parks are located in southwestern Uganda. They are all open for gorilla trekking any time of the year including weekends and public holidays. Gorilla trekking tours in Bwindi Impenetrable National are done in 4 sectors. These include; the Buhoma Sector, Ruhija Sector, Nkuringo Sector, and Rushaga Sector. These sectors harbor about 26 habituated gorilla families available for trekking even if it is in August. Book your gorilla trekking now and enjoy the magical primates.

Does Uganda’s weather in August favor safari activities?

August is generally considered a dry season month in Uganda. It is characterized by sunshine usually from morning to evening. This implies that most of the safari activities are best done during such a period. Remember that Uganda receives a tropical type of climate. This implies that afternoon rains can fall at any time of the year and the month of August is not exceptional. You should pack some rain essentials to avoid surprises.

To begin with, forest activities like chimpanzee trekking and gorilla trekking are best done during August. During this period, there is little undergrowth and the trails are less slippery. This implies that trekkers will be able to have clear views of primates and birds. Additionally, August is the best time for photography safaris or tours in Uganda. the skies are generally blue and the green lush vegetation is equally amazing.

For wildlife and safari game drives, August is also the best time to visit Uganda. Park trails and game drive tracks are in good shape and less slippery. This guarantees smooth driving and an up-close encounter with wildlife is best. More so, during the dry seasons like August, animals tend to converge at the water sources to drink water. A safari to places like Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake Mburo National Park offers the best animal views.

For bird lovers, a Uganda safari in August comes with its surprises. However, this depends on the nature of a destination and the bird species available. For some bird species, the dry season is their breeding period and they get busy with building nests. Such moments are iconic on a Uganda birding safari, especially for bird enthusiasts. Some migratory birds frequent the parks to get access to fruits which are plenty in the dry months like August.

Which Cultural activities are best in Uganda in August?

A Uganda safari is incomplete without visiting the local communities for cultural tours.  Taking a Uganda cultural safari in August allows you to take part in several activities like crop harvesting and preparing land for next season. Farmers in Uganda get busy in August as they harvest crops. During harvesting seasons, different cultures host cultural events like brewing local beer. Such activities are top-notch on a Uganda community tour. You may also want to get your hands dirty as you cultivate land using simple tools like hoes while on a Uganda safari. All these and more activities are best done in the dry season.

Boat cruise excursions in Uganda in August

Are you passionate about a boat trip to Uganda? August offers the best time for a boat ride on a Uganda safari. During this time of the year, the water is clear or calm, the skies are blue, and the tranquility is unmatched. You will be able to spot wildlife by the river banks while on a boat cruise. Since there are low chances of rain in August, travelers will take part in other water activities like swimming and fishing. For places like Jinja, white water rafting can also be done during such a period.

In conclusion, Uganda is an open safari destination any time of the year, however, the month of August seems to be a standout period for safari enthusiasts. No wonder the country receives more travelers during this month compared to other months. You might want to do a Uganda safari in August, book your trip now, and start planning.

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