Are you wondering about the best time to do Gorilla trekking tours in Africa? Gorilla trekking tours in Africa are year-round activities. But when it’s a little dryer, like from June to September and from December to February, it works best. Visitors frequently receive discounts and go to less crowded locations during the wet months of November, March, and May.

What do you need to pack for a gorilla trekking tour in Africa?

The length of your stay in a given location will determine what to pack. Simple packing facilitates your trips and reduces the expense of your luggage. You will need a decent pair of hiking boots, a sweater, hand gloves, a long-sleeved shirt, a pesticide, a professional camera for photography, and more in addition to the trekking permit and other travel documentation. What you need to know is that gorillas are exclusively found on the continent of Africa, and are the closest cousins to humans with an over 98% DNA resemblance. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, this is! It is important to know about the best time to do your gorilla trekking tours in Africa (Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo). This will help you plan well and book your gorilla trekking permits in advance. 

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