What is a luxury safari? What can you do while on a luxury safari in Uganda?

The best and Top luxury safaris and tours in Uganda; Everything you need to know about Uganda luxury safaris. A luxury safari is a tour or journey that involves high-end class with great adventure. Taking part in the most expensive activities will be the order of the day. Our safari company organizes such luxury tours that will take you to hike mountains like the Rwenzori Mountains, gorillas trekking in Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks, and chimpanzee tracking in Kibale National Park. On top of that, we select the best luxurious accommodation with great facilities such as Wi-Fi, a swimming pool and many more.

The Safari Vehicle Suits the Job

The vehicle used during this luxury safari has a freezer with cold drinks, sockets to charge your gadgets, an open rooftop good for visiting wildlife during game drives, wifi will be on board and an expert and knowledgeable driver guide will be provided to you. These luxury Safaris involve traveling as private groups or individuals preferably family tours or honeymoon safaris suit here. A luxury safari involves flying into different attraction destinations such as from Murchison Falls National Park to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

There is a lot to do while on your luxury safari such as gorilla trekking/habituation. Gorilla trekking introduces visitors to the presence of endangered mountain gorillas for an hour. While gorilla habituation introduces visitors to the presence of gorillas for only four hours this is only done in Bwindi National Park.

Chimpanzee tracking involves visiting the chimps put close relatives for an hour. Also, there is chimpanzee habituation which introduces visitors to the presence of chimps for 4 hours. These experiences can be found in Kibale National Park. The park is known for homing the 13 primates together with big mammals. They include; elephants and buffalos, unique bird species, and many more.

Game viewing is done in the savanna national parks and game drives. This will introduce you to the big five animals, birds, and more. The zebras, giraffes, eland, Uganda kob, warthogs, hippos, warthogs, olive baboons and many more won’t be missed. The game drives are normally in three shifts that is morning, evening, and night game drives. Each can take between 2 to 3 hours. The game drives are normally substituted with a hot air ballooning safari which offers an aerial view of the landscape.

Boat Cruise on a Uganda luxury safari

Boat cruises on large water bodies such as Lake Victoria, Kazinga Channel, Albert Nile, lake Mutanda, lake Mburo, and many more offer the best scenery and a great time for photography. Wild animals and bird species are also spotted while taking part in this experience. It normally lasts for 2 to 3 hours under the guidance of the park ranger guide.

Hiking mountains like Rwenzori, Elgon, Sabinyo, and many more offer a great adventure in your life while on your luxury safari. There is a lot to see such as beautiful scenery while exploring and discovering new places. Hiking the Rwenzori Mountains to the peak takes about 7 hours. The primates, three-horned chameleon, and unique plant species like Lobelia plants won’t be missed during this safari.

Cultural encounters through community tours mostly to the neighboring national parks. These include; the Karamajong community in Kidepo Valley National Park, the Isunga community in Kibale National Park, the Batwa community in Bwindi National Park, and many more. Learn about the history and cultural heritage of the locals.

Our luxury safaris range from 1 day to 25 days and they are tailor-made safaris which means that you choose the best accommodation and activities under our guidance. Booking a safari to the Pearl of Africa is one way of creating everlasting memories.

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