The Cheapest Places to See Mountain Gorillas in Africa

Are you looking for the cheapest places to see mountain gorillas in Africa? Do not fret, in this article, you will learn about the best and cheapest places to see mountain gorillas in Africa. Gorilla trekking in Africa is done in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These are some of the popular safari destinations in Africa. Taking on a gorilla trekking safari or gorilla tour in Uganda allows you to see these magical apes in their habitats.

Some of the affordable places for gorilla trekking safaris or gorilla tours include; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Volcanoes National Park, Virunga National Park, and Kahuzi Biega National Park. These parks make East Africa the best and cheapest place to see gorillas. If you are planning a safari to Africa that involves gorilla trekking, adding these destinations is a big deal.

What is a gorilla trekking safari or gorilla trekking tour?

Have you heard about the concept “Gorilla trekking safari or Gorilla tour”? A gorilla trekking safari or tour simply means a trip that involves gorilla trekking as part of the activities to be done. Gorilla trekking activity involves travelers following a gorilla family and learning about its behaviors. Gorillas are social animals and they live in families led by an adult male known as a silverback. During a gorilla trekking session, travelers get an opportunity to spend one hour in the presence of a gorilla family. In Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo, only 8 people are allowed to trek a particular gorilla family in a day. This is meant for the good of these endangered species. Remember they are animals; they deserve some respect from human beings. Frequenting them affects them in one way or the other.

What do I do if I want to spend more time with the gorillas?

While planning your gorilla safari or gorilla tour, it is important to remember that gorilla trekking takes a maximum of 8 hours. The 8 hours include the one hour spent in the presence of gorillas upon meeting them.  Gorilla trekking is only done to a gorilla family that has already been habituated. Gorilla habituation is the process of making these endangered gorillas slowly get used to human beings. Unlike gorilla trekking, gorilla habituation takes a minimum of 4 hours in the presence of the gorillas. However, gorilla habituation is done by a maximum of 4 people. This is not the same case with gorilla trekking which is done by a maximum of 8 people.

Therefore, if you are planning to spend more time in the presence of mountain gorillas during your gorilla tour, it is recommended to do a gorilla habituation experience rather than gorilla trekking. Alternatively, you may choose to trek more than one gorilla family on different dates. A Uganda double gorilla trekking safari is the best package for anyone seeking a double gorilla trekking tour.

How to do a gorilla trekking safari on a budget?

The notion that gorilla trekking is done by luxury travelers is false. Everyone can do gorilla trekking in Africa as long as they do the right planning. Gorilla trekking on a budget simply means that you do not have to break the bank to do a gorilla safari. Below are some of the tips to do a gorilla trekking safari on a budget. These tips can be effected in the cheapest places to see gorillas in Africa.

Choose the right destination

If you are planning a budget gorilla trekking safari, you must choose the cheapest destination. For instance, choosing a gorilla trekking tour in Uganda over Rwanda is a better deal. This is because a gorilla permit in Rwanda costs USD 1500 Per person unlike the one for Uganda which costs USD 800 Per person. This makes Uganda the cheapest place to see mountain gorillas in Africa.

Select off-peak seasons

Much as gorilla trekking tours in Africa can be done any time of the year, there are high seasons and low seasons. The dry seasons of June to September and December to February are considered high seasons for tourism in Africa. During this period, there is much traffic for tourists seeking gorilla adventures in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. This implies that budget travelers might find it a tricky time to embark on gorilla trekking safaris. This is what makes it better for someone seeking a budget gorilla safari to travel during the low seasons. During the low seasons (October to November and March to May), tour companies offer discounts as well as accommodation facilities. This is a common habit in Uganda. This therefore makes Uganda, one of the best and cheapest places to see mountain gorillas.

Pack Smart and Light

Avoid unnecessary expenses by packing smartly for your gorilla safari. Make sure you have appropriate clothing, including long-sleeved shirts, long pants, sturdy hiking boots, and a rain jacket. Rent or borrow any specialized gear you may need, such as trekking poles. Carrying your reusable water bottle and snacks can also help cut down on additional expenses.

Join Group Tours  

Consider joining a group tour if you are planning a budget gorilla trekking safari in Uganda, Rwanda, or Congo. Group tours often provide cost savings by splitting expenses such as transportation and guides among the participants. Additionally, group tours allow you to join a group trek with other travelers, reducing the overall safari cost. Check with tour operators or travel agencies specializing in gorilla trekking to explore these options.

Is it cheaper to buy a gorilla trekking permit through a tour company in Africa?

Booking your gorilla trekking permit through a reputable tour company in Africa saves a lot. The logic behind this is that you are dealing with an expert in organizing tours in the gorilla trekking destinations. Additionally, the Uganda Wildlife Authority may not get the time to instantly respond to your emails or messages. This is because they get overwhelming emails. On the other hand, a tour company like Native Africa Tours finds its pride in giving travelers a chance to plan a more personalized trip. They will send you instant replies and proof of payment as well as receipts after booking your gorilla trekking permit.

In conclusion, therefore, Experiencing gorilla trekking on a budget is entirely possible with careful planning and a sense of adventure. This can be easily done by choosing the cheapest place to see mountain gorillas in Africa. By choosing the right destination, traveling during off-peak seasons, exploring budget-friendly accommodations, and considering shared options, you can make this remarkable wildlife encounter more affordable. Remember to prioritize the conservation and well-being of these incredible creatures, respecting the guidelines and regulations set by the authorities. Embark on your budget gorilla trekking adventure and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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