Mountain Elgon National Park – The World’s largest Caldera

 Mountain Elgon National Park is located in the Mountain Elgon region (eastern parts of Uganda). It is believed to be one of the extinct volcanoes that was once the highest mountain in Africa higher than Mount Kilimanjaro. However due to massive erosion. It is the 4th tallest mountain in East Africa and the 8th in Africa. It is home to the Bagisu and sabiny tribes who are the natives of the mountain Elgon.

The mountain is shared between Kenya and Uganda found in the eastern region of Uganda in Mbale after Jinja. The mountain offers the base hot plain for the flora and fauna and it is also considered a UNESCO site. The park is home to over 300 bird species and the higher parts of the mountain are protected by both the park authorities of Kenya and Uganda. The fauna in this park is poorly recorded and known then which makes it have low fauna recorded.

What to see in Mountain Elgon National Park

While on a Uganda safari to Mountain Elgon National Park, there are a lot of attractions to see while on your safari and these include;

Mountain Elgon

Mountain Elgon is one of the attractions that you will see on your Uganda safari which is 4000 meters above sea level and will involve the hike to see the top of the summit. As you hike this mountain, you will experience a change in the vegetation cover.

Sipi falls

Sipi Falls is a series of three waterfalls located within mountain Elgon. These waterfalls have different points starting from sipi 1 to sipi 3. Each fall has its unique activity and views.

The other activities carried out on the Sipi Falls include Abseiling, nature walking, birding, and many other activities.

Bagisu culture

The Bagisu culture is one of the native tribes of the Elgon region and they are referred to as the Abamasaba for their interesting activities like male circumcision, coffee tours, and many others. The bags are also famous for their Akadodi dance and interesting foods.


Mountain Elgon has a few of the wildlife unknown and recorded. During a hike to mountain Elgon, travelers on a Uganda safari will be able to see wildlife like forest elephants, colobus monkeys, and other small primates.

Bird species

Mountain Elgon National Park is one of the birder’s havens since it is home to over 300 bird species. These species offer an opportunity for travelers on a Uganda safari to enjoy their birding experience and these bird species include; lemon dove, hartlurbs turaco, Dusky turtle dove, mountain yellow welder, and many others.

What to do on a Uganda safari in the mountain Elgon National Park

On your Uganda safari, mountain Elgon National Park has a variety of activities that a traveler can do and these activities include;


Hiking is the major and essential activity that is done in this park. This activity takes about 3 days to reach the summit of Wagagai and then return. The hike is so tough and it requires one to be fit enough for the challenging activity.

Mount Elgon National Park
Sipi Falls

The park is home to over 300 bird species and these species include some of the endangered ones this offers an opportunity for travelers on a Uganda safari to enjoy their birding tour through the forests around the park and in the park. The bird species include; lemon dove, hartlurbs Turaco, dusky turtle dove, and many others.


The abseiling activity is done on the Sipi Falls 3 on the ranges of the mountain Elgon and here travelers will sail on ropes to the ground where the Sipi Falls powers its water. This is one of the adventure activities that one usually enjoys on the visit to the mountain Elgon National Park.

Cultural encounters

While on the Uganda safari, cultural encounters in mountain Elgon National Park. The Bagisu is one of the prominent tribes in the region where a traveler on Uganda safari will encounter the community in different activities like the Akadodi dance, coffee experience, and many other activities.

Accommodation facilities in Mountain Elgon National Park

There are no accommodation facilities in the Mountain Elgon National Park but if a traveler chooses to camp within the park there are gazed places for camping. In the case of other accommodation facilities, the travelers are advised to visit Mbale city for comfortable accommodations. Also, the Uganda Wildlife Authority has tents and sleeping bags for hire, so travelers are advised to plan accordingly.

What is the best time to visit Mount Elgon National Park

The park is open to travelers at any time of the year. It can as well be visited on public holidays and weekends. On the other hand, most of the safari activities in this park are easily done during the dry seasons. The dry seasons run from June to September and December to February. Talk to a travel specialist here for more advise. 

How to get to the park?

On how to get to the Mountain Elgon National Park, here you will either choose air or road transport. While using road transport you will be transferred from Kampala to Mbale via the Jinja Mbale highway which will last for 4 hours on the road. On arrival, you will check into your accommodation in Mbale city. By air, you will have a domestic flight from Entebbe or Kajansi Airstrip to Mbale Airstrip or Soroti Airstrip, and on arrival, you will be transferred by road to the park.

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