Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve

The Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve is located in the northwestern part of Uganda in the Hoima district. It was gazette in 1980, it later became a wildlife reserve in 2002. Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve is about 87 square miles in size. The reserve was first set up in 1963 as a controlled hunting area and conservation area at Kaiso-Tonya Conservation Centre. This is near Lake Albert, Murchison Falls National Park, and Tooro Semuliki Game Reserve to handle the migrating wildlife.

Due to increased poaching in 1982, the wildlife in this area was reduced. And there came a competition for the cattle keepers who also started competing for the land. The reserve has two zones that are separated by the Hohwa River which is near the river line forest called Budongo forest. All the recorded wildlife in this reserve is now absent due to increased poaching. And their migration back to the Murchison Falls National Park. The main flagship in this reserve is the chimpanzee in the Budongo forest.

What to see in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve?

While on Uganda safari in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve, there are a variety of attractions. These attractions include;


On your Uganda safari, wildlife in the Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve offers an amazing experience. This wildlife includes the Kobs, bushbucks, duikers, and many others. There are primates like the chimpanzee which are the major flagship of the wildlife reserve.

Bird species

The Reserve is home to over 400 bird species and these are one of the Albertine endemic species. This makes the reserve a true birders’ haven. Bird species in Kabwoya include; swamp warbler, Rwenzori apalis, handsome francolin, sun bird, red-faced woodland warbler, and many others.

Budongo forest

The Budongo forest is a riverine forest on the Hohwa River. The forest is also famous for its chimpanzees. Are you planning a Uganda primate safari? Ensure to add a chimpanzee tour in Budongo Forest to your list.

What to do in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve?

Activities that travelers will enjoy on your safari to Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve include;

Game drives

The park is made up of the savannah type of vegetation that is short for the great view of the animals from the gazette trails in a 4×4 van. Animals usually seen include; Uganda Kobs, hippos, warthogs, duikers, impalas, bushbucks, and many more. The game drive is usually done early morning, afternoon, and evening. In the morning game drive, you will see different wildlife. And it will end at the shores of Lake Albert where you will also spot other animals.

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve
Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve

Biking tours

This activity is one of the experiential ones and is done on the trails running through the reserve. Bike riding is only done in three parks in Uganda namely; Lake Mburo National Park, Mt. Elgon National Park, and the Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve. Biking is one of the activities that keep the body physically fit and healthy as you spot different wildlife in the park.


The Reserve is home to over 400 bird species including the Albertine endemic species.  The reserve so experiential for travelers on a birding safari to Uganda. Some of the bird species in Kabwoya include; African pitta, grey parrot, pied kingfisher, little grey parrot, and many others.

Where to Stay?

While on a Uganda safari to the Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve, there are fewer facilities for travelers to stay in on their safari to Uganda. Lake Albert Safari Lodge is one of the top luxurious lodges situated within the Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve. The lodge offers comfort to travelers on a Uganda safari while enjoying the scenic views of the reserve. Kikonko Lodge is located on the top of the Albertine Rift Valley with the amazing and breathtaking views of the Lake Albert. Other accommodation facilities can be found in Hoima City. They provide a variety of services ranging from luxury, midrange, and budget.

How to get there?

The Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve can be mainly accessed by road transport via the Hoima highway a distance of 82 kilometers away from Hoima town. Generally, the road was muddy. However, with the discovery of oil in the Albertian region, the road was constructed and upgraded to modern standards.

What is the best time to visit Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve?

The Reserve can be visited at any time of the year. It can be visited on weekends and public holidays. However, the dry season of June to September and December to February is the best time to visit. This is because the dry seasons provide good weather conditions for scenic views. The roads to the reserve can easily be navigable during the dry season. Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve is also among the amazing destinations in Uganda that you would choose to visit on the Uganda safari. Book a Uganda safari here.

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