Uganda safari for Italians

Are you an Italian or a group of Italians looking for the best and most affordable Uganda safari packages? Uganda wildlife and gorilla trekking safaris for Italians offer travelers the best tours in Uganda’s safari destinations. Uganda is one of the best safari destinations in Africa with beautiful places to be for a holiday. Is it gorilla trekking or boat cruise excursions that you are looking for? We are here to advise you on the best safari destinations you can choose from while planning your trip from Italy.

Over the past decades, many Italians have shown interest in taking on Uganda safaris. They participate in activities like mountain gorilla trekking and wildlife safari game drives. As the numbers grow, we have decided to dedicate our time and make it easier for you and many of our news readers. In this article, you will have an insight into booking a gorilla permit from Italy and the best time you should visit Uganda as an Italian. All you need to do is just read on.

Can I book a Uganda gorilla permit from Italy?

Before I get to answering your question, let me give you an insight into what a gorilla permit is. A Uganda gorilla trekking permit or permission is a legal document that allows you to trek or visit mountain gorillas while on a Uganda safari. It is important to have a Uganda gorilla permit before arriving in Uganda for your gorilla tour.

Yes, you can book a Uganda gorilla trekking permit from Italy. All you need to do is select a reliable and authentic tour operator in Uganda and send them your inquiry. The company representative will ask you for a few travel details and then book your gorilla permit. Do you want your gorilla permit now?  Talk to a travel specialist and plan your trip.

Can I get Italian food on a Uganda safari?

Are you an Italian looking forward to taking a Uganda trip or Uganda Safari? You should worry less about food. Uganda is a culturally diverse safari destination with hotels that serve continental foods. In all of Uganda’s safari lodges in all the national parks, you will find an Italian meal on their menu. It is also important to let us know about your dietary needs in advance. We will be in a position to notify your accommodation facility or lodge to prepare for you the right meal. Italian food is not enough reason to cancel your Uganda safari.

Other than Italian foods, Uganda has many organic and natural fresh foods that you may need to try during your safari. You may buy fresh fruits from the local markets. After all, eating local foods is one way of supporting sustainable tourism. You can try fresh milk from the Ankole long-horned cows on a trip to Lake Mburo National Park. A sugarcane from a village garden on a Uganda community tour is a great dietary addition.

Does Uganda allow Italian Currency on a Safari?

Uganda has its legal currency known as Uganda Shilling (UGX) which is used across the country. However, other foreign currencies are welcome as long as you follow the right procedures. Most foreigners on a Uganda safari do transactions in United States Dollar (USD) currency. You are therefore advised to convert your money at the airport or in urban areas. It might be somehow difficult to pay in Italian currency while in the remote parts of the country. More so, we advise our customers to give some tips (though not mandatory) to rangers, guides, tour leaders, and locals. This can be best done in the local currency.

If you forgot to change your money and you are already on the go, do not fret. Feel free to tell your driver guide, he will advise you accordingly. Additionally, Uganda has modern digital payment methods that make life easier on a safari. You may buy items using your Visa Card or any other legal digital payment method.

Can I get an Italian guide on a Uganda Safari?

Unlike in the past when guides in Uganda only knew the English language, getting an Italian-speaking safari guide is very easy. One might not be a guru in the language, however, they know enough to make you get the most out of your safari. Most of the safari companies in Uganda have prioritized employing bilingual guides. These help them in handling clients from different parts of the world. At Native Africa Tours our Italian-speaking guides are ready to make sure that you get the best out of your Uganda tour. Tell us about your language needs so that we can connect you with an Italian-speaking guide.

Tips for having the best Uganda safari as an Italian Traveler

Plan Ahead: Like any other safari destination, planning a Uganda trip or Uganda tour requires one to plan. This involves learning about Uganda’s safari destinations, culture, food, and many more. This will help you have an insight into Uganda before arrival. This might as well involve learning some simple local language phrases such as greetings, asking for directions, and many more.

Choose a reputable tour operator in Uganda: The tour operator you choose for your Uganda safari from Italy means a lot. Make sure that the operator is communicative, has a vast knowledge of Uganda safari destinations, etc. More so, the operator should prioritize sustainable tourism practices. With the right team, your Uganda safari will be a moment turned into a memory.

Obtain Necessary Permits: If you plan to track gorillas or chimpanzees, secure the required permits in advance. These permits are limited in number and often sell out quickly. Consult your tour operator for assistance in obtaining the permits and meeting the requirements. Having these permits in advance saves you the last-minute hassle and ensures a smooth Uganda safari as an Italian traveler.

Pack Appropriately: Pack lightweight and breathable clothing suitable for the African climate, including long-sleeved shirts and pants for protection against mosquitoes and the sun. Don’t forget essentials like a hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, comfortable walking shoes, and a good pair of binoculars for wildlife viewing.

Embrace Cultural Sensitivity: Familiarize yourself with the local customs and traditions of Uganda’s diverse communities. Respect local etiquette, dress modestly when visiting villages or religious sites, and ask for permission before taking photographs of people.

Immerse in Local Experiences: Engage with local communities and learn about their traditions and way of life. Participate in cultural activities, visit local markets, and support local artisans by purchasing their crafts. This interaction will enrich your understanding of Uganda’s people and heritage.

In conclusion, planning a Uganda safari as Italians can be a challenging task, especially for first-time travelers. However, with the right planning and a reputable tour operator, you can make your Uganda safari dreams come true. Book your Uganda Safari Now and create lasting memories.

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