Famous safari destinations in Uganda

The things that you should put on your packing list while visiting any of these safari destinations in Uganda. Uganda safaris become the best with the right packing list. Do not carry what is not necessary and leave what is essential. Below are some of the famous safari destinations in Uganda; 

Murchison Falls National Park

The county was endowed beautifully with the Nile and molded further with the various waterfalls that excite tourists while on their safaris.  While tourists travel to the northwest part of the Pearl of Africa, they get to witness the precious waters of the Nile dramatically forcing through a small and narrow gorge into a spacious plunge pool called Murchison Falls. Murchison Falls National Park is the most attractive in the whole park since it’s the most powerful waterfall in the park. You need the right Uganda Safari Packing list while visiting Murchison Falls National Park. 

While tourists enjoy hiking to the top of these waterfalls, they can also engage in a lot of other activities like bird watching, and watching wildlife. While the tourists are done with the hike, the park has a lot of activities that tourists can engage in like relaxing on a boat cruise on the Nile, floating in the air with the birds while on hot air balloon safaris, engaging in cultural safaris among the surrounding communities among others.

Kidepo national park

Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together, while Ugandans were celebrating their independence in 1962, a unique national park in one of the forgotten areas in the country was also being officiated.

The beauty of this national park was undoubtedly created without fault and wrapped up with an exceptional cultural trail of the famous Karamojong and Acholis which are one of the greatest in the country. While tourists are in this park, they cannot miss dipping and drenching in the long sand trench left after the disappearance of River Kidepo in the Kidepo and Narus valley.

Visitors shouldn’t miss grabbing their binoculars to enjoy a variety of wildlife while on their game drives and interact with the Karamojong herdsmen with their cattle and cultural lifestyle and the savannah region that is made magnificently pretty with hills in the surrounding.  

Queen Elizabeth National Park

The beauty in this national park is highlighted by a rare kind of scenario where its lions are King enough to even rule the jungle while slouching on the top of tree branches. If the natural environment had a pulse in Uganda, it probably rose through Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The Park gives home to so much life and nature whose silhouettes are magnificent even during the dark while on a night game drive. Tourists on their way to the park are fascinated by the wide views given off by the magnificent Rwenzori ranges and a step in the equator line makes tourists feel lighter than what they are.

Traveling turns tourists into storytellers after leaving them in speechless awe but the beauty found in this park cannot be escaped because as tourists are still recovering from the fascinations brought by the wildlife while on a game drive, tourists will be dazzled by the beauties of the Katwe explosion craters, shimmering waters from the triplet water bodies of Lake George, Edward, and Kazinga Channel and tourists can try cooking without fire from the hot springs released off from the Kitagata hot springs.

Different travel seasons in Uganda

Uganda so happens to be in the tropics and experiences two types of seasons. Inarguably, the dry season offers the best time of travel into the Pearl of Africa because the skies are clear enough, the trails are dry and not drained with mud, the bright sky vividly supports photography, and better yet all the activities that are best done in the thick forests like gorilla trekking become doable during the dry season. Because of the favorable conditions in the dry months of June to September and December to February, the peak season is usually expensive in terms of touring, therefore, tourists interested in undertaking any itinerary should consider making bookings in advance.

The peak season’s complementary opposite is the low season of the rains. March to May and September to November have low turn-ups, especially for forest activities like gorilla trekking, and wildlife viewing among others. During the wet season, the thick vegetation cover becomes thicker, and better yet, tourists interested in having budget safaris cannot miss this opportunity when accommodation is affordable and other services are reduced due to low demand. Tourists can also be involved in touring around the city and get to historic places like the Uganda Museum, marketplaces like Owino, and prestigious religious places like Namirembe Cathedral, Lubaga, and Ghadaffi National Mosque among others.

Appropriate packing list for different travel seasons

The dry season Uganda safari packing list

This is the darling of all seasons for tourists expecting to make it into the tropical forests of Uganda shouldn’t miss out on the following items,

  • Sun protection wears

The dry season and the sun are compatible with each other and tourists who intend to hit the forests shouldn’t miss sun protectors like sunglasses, sun huts, and sunscreens to protect their skin from sunburns.

  • Insect repellants

Tropical forests are known for keeping insects under their branches and leaves and hence tourists need to protect themselves from being bitten by bugs and other insects.

  • Lip balm

The dry environment equally affects the bodies of the tourists especially when they are on long hikes. There tourists need to move with skin moisturizer and lip balms to prevent their skin from getting damaged.

  • Light clothes

Tourists traveling in the dry season shouldn’t miss packing some light clothes to feel comfortable in while they are enjoying the goodness of the sun especially while on beaches, activities like white water rafting among others.

  • Mosquito net

Mosquitoes are always on the rise during the dry seasons therefore tourists especially those interested in camping shouldn’t forget behind a mosquito net while on their itineraries.

  • Scandals

Tourists love taking small walks around the towns they are traveling in and enjoying these small walks with heavy-duty boots becomes difficult hence scandals can be a better match for this activity.

  • Snacks and drinking water

Activities like trekking gorillas, and hiking involve the use of energy therefore tourists should tour around with enough water and snacks for re-energizing their bodies while enjoying the safari. All these should not be missed on your packing list while embarking on a Uganda safari. 

Wet season Uganda safari packing list

  • Rain jacket

Showers can be expected any time during the wet season which is why tourists shouldn’t miss packing a rain jacket to use for the unexpected rains.

  • Socks and gloves

These are very important to make the phalanges comfortable and warm enough.

  • Boots

Hard terrain shoes shouldn’t be missed by tourists who wish to come to Uganda during the wet season since the roads get muddy and filled with water.

  • Long-sleeved clothes

The weather during the rains doesn’t favor any part of the body to be neglected out in the cold therefore tourists should highly pack thick and heavy long-sleeved shirts and pants to keep their bodies warm especially while touring.

Other essential items to have on a safari.

  • Luggage bag

This should contain all the packs that a tourist needs to endure through the safari and on top of that, they should have a day pack bag that should contain small items that are frequently accessed by the tourists like money.

  • Torches and flashlights

Nights in the wilderness become typically dark and also the electricity in the country is somehow unstable, therefore tourists in love with nocturnal game drives shouldn’t miss having flashlights while surveying the forests out in the dark.

  • Binoculars

They are of preferential use to tourists interested in sighting birds and wildlife while they are seated in the comfort of their vehicles.

  • Toiletry

This is a collection of a wide range of items that tourists need as a necessity like soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, sponge, and toilet paper among others.

  • Medical kit

A small first aid box for tourists in love with forest-related activities like hiking, and gorilla trekking to get first aid in case tourists meet with small cuts and accidents while engaging in the activity.

In a nutshell, now that you know about the right packing list for your Uganda Safari, book one and create a signature of memories. 

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