The best budget and luxury Uganda Flying Safaris. Tourism in Uganda has in recent times changed the face and is different from many years ago. Traveling has now been simplified with the evolution in technology and the introduction of Uganda Flying Safaris. Navigation is now easier for tourists while accessing Uganda’s wilderness.

Uganda flying Safaris are often desired by tourists who have limited time in Uganda and also those who are interested in luxurious safaris. Flying to the destination of your choice saves much time as it takes only a few hours compared to traveling by road.

Why consider Uganda Flying Safaris

While the first reason for one to take flying safaris is due to the less time it will always take to access the destination of choice, another reason is the aerial views travelers get while in the air compared to road transportation.

In the recent past, Uganda safaris have been modified and made interesting as most national parks in the country are well served with airstrips, and at reasonable fares. It’s also important to note that different kinds of services are provided and some of these include;

Domestic flights by airlines operating in the country. These are possible, especially for tourists that have just arrived in the country through Entebbe airport. Several companies provide such services to simplify traveling to the different scattered national parks in Uganda.

Aerial photography. This is another advantage of taking flying safaris in Uganda. Travelers can take on a flight with their equipment that would enable them to take beautiful aerial photography.

Be careful goes without saying that flying safaris in Uganda accommodates all types of safari choices, giving access to almost all natural destinations in Uganda and this leaves visitors with many choices.

Another reason to consider Uganda Flying Safaris is because they cater are for all kinds of travelers, either large and small groups, families, solo travelers, teenagers, seniors, etc. As a point of emphasis, all major tourist destinations in Uganda can be accessed easily with flights. Important to note, are Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Mgahinga National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Lake Victoria, and other destinations.

What to see on Uganda Flying Safaris?

There are hundreds of features to view while flying Safaris and examples include River Nile and Lake Victoria for those that take flying Safaris to Jinja. Tourists also get to view Uganda’s biggest natural Forest – Mabira Forest as they navigate the surrounding areas of Lake Victoria.

Uganda is largely endowed with scenic highlands scattered all over the country. One of the factors for that being its location within the Great Lakes regions of Africa. It is also surrounded by the great East Africa Rift Valley. Along the way therefore, travelers have much to see at their disposal.

Uganda is equally a country of numerous water bodies and some of these are located in Western Uganda – including Lake Edward, Lake Bunyonyi, Lake George, Kazinga Channel, Lake Mburo, River Semuliki, and more.

Nothing beats the aerial views of Uganda’s wilderness and its rich inhabitants. Wild animals of all types and sizes, flying and land species are all visible when one takes a flying safari. There are many animals that are often times in hiding during the day. This makes viewing them difficult, but the Uganda flying safaris give a broad scenery for many of those.

How expensive are Uganda flying safaris?

These flights are carried out from Entebbe International Airport / Kajjansi airstrip to Kihihi Airstrip, Kisoro Airstrip, Chobe Airstrip. Mweya Airstrip, Kimaka Airstrip, Pakuba Airstrip, and other scattered Airstrips across the country. Prices range between $200 to $400 per person depending on the flight schedule.

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