Where to Buy Gorilla Permits in Rwanda?

Where can I buy gorilla permits in Rwanda? Are you planning to visit Rwanda for a mountain gorilla trekking experience? Do you have any idea where you can buy gorilla permits? Questions such as where can I buy gorilla permits in Rwanda deserve quick answers. To start with, gorilla permits are mandatory for any gorilla excursion in Rwanda or any African gorilla trekking destination. A visitor on a gorilla safari holiday in Rwanda can only be allowed to go search for a family of endangered mountain gorillas in the wild if he or she presents a valid gorilla permit.

What is a gorilla permit?

A gorilla permit is a valid document every tourist/trekker visiting for gorilla trekking should have. It is a required document that one needs to be allowed to engage in a guided gorilla trekking adventure in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. This allows visitors to enjoy an hour face-to-face with a family of habituated mountain gorillas while in their natural habitat.

Where to buy a gorilla permit in Rwanda 2024-2025?

Before setting off to Rwanda, first, you should have an idea at the back of your mind about where to buy your gorilla permit. First, the quickest way for you to buy a valid gorilla permit is by connecting with the local tour operators online using their active email accounts. We have an active team with the key goal of Native Africa Tours at their fingertips. Contact Us online to secure a permit for trekking gorillas in Rwanda. Booking a gorilla permit has never been a challenge to us and makes the entire process as simple as possible.

How many gorilla permits are in Rwanda alone?

About 96 valid gorilla permits are available for booking for Rwanda gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park. These represent the 12 habituated gorilla family groups that peacefully reside in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda. With fewer gorilla permits available backed by high demand from travelers, it is advisable to secure your permit early enough. This should be at least 2-6 months before the actual date of visiting Volcanoes National Park for gorilla trekking.

Wondering how you can buy a permit for trekking Rwanda gorillas?

With the improved technology today, once the long application process of booking permits is complete, the system automatically issues the gorilla permit. Gorilla permits in Rwanda are available for booking only for persons above 15 years old.

The steps for buying permits are many but first, a visitor is required to pick up the date you intend/desire to trek mountain gorillas. The mandatory forms should be filled, then requisite supporting documentation should be uploaded.

Lastly, you will have to pay the application fees (the tour operator will require you to make payment of a certain percentage to help them secure the permits. This also helps them book early accommodation and transportation, etc. Then the balance will be completed later on). Please ensure that you read through the company’s terms and conditions.

You will be required to provide a few details

Applicant’s details are required at the stage of booking for the gorilla permit. These include your full name, a copy of your valid passport or number, active email, and telephone number.

Note, that the team from Native Africa Tours will take responsibility for cross-checking Rwanda gorilla permit availability and see if the dates you wish to trek gorillas exist, then get back to you. It is at this step of securing valid permits for trekking mountain gorillas that the permits can be booked for you and alternative dates can be suggested if those you intend to trek gorillas are not available.

Once your gorilla permit is booked, the tour operator will send a scanned copy of your permit via email. The original copy will be available on the actual day of visiting Volcanoes National Park where gorilla trekking will be done. When booking a gorilla permit, ensure that accurate information is provided to avoid being denied a permit. On the actual day of trekking mountain gorillas in Rwanda, the tourism park warden will conduct a verification exercise of your tourist documents.

Can I buy the last-minute gorilla permits in Rwanda?

Depending on your schedule, visitors on a tour can also buy the last-minute gorilla permits in Rwanda. The local tour operator in Rwanda can take responsibility and have a permit booked for you. The biggest number of gorilla permits are given to local tour operators who sell them to clients. But why wait till the last minute when you can have your gorilla permit booked early through your preferred tour operator on the ground?

How early should you book your gorilla permit in Rwanda?

Buying your gorilla permit early can save you from last-minute stress. Given our experience, we recommend that you purchase your gorilla permit in Rwanda at least 2-6 months before the actual gorilla trekking date. Other trekkers even book their permits a year earlier. Why book your gorilla permit in Rwanda early? There is high demand for gorilla trekking permits in Rwanda and purchasing one saves you from missing out. Purchasing a permit early allows you to plan the entire gorilla safari and you can be guaranteed a successful vacation. Planning a successful gorilla trip to Rwanda goes beyond purchasing gorilla permits. Other factors that can make your gorilla holiday complete include booking accommodation options, transportation, flight tickets, purchasing items to be packed for the gorilla tracking tour, and so on.

How much does the Rwanda gorilla permit cost?

Currently, the cost of one gorilla permit in Rwanda can be bought at USD 1500 per visitor. The price for a gorilla permit in Rwanda covers an hour for visitors’ face-to-face encounters with a family of mountain gorillas, park ranger guide services, conservation, and park entry fees. The cost of Rwanda gorilla trekking permits excludes porter fees, accommodation, meals, transportation, packing items, air tickets, insurance, alcoholic drinks, laundry services, plus other activities.

Why are gorilla permits in Rwanda expensive/costly?

Overall, the cost of gorilla conservation is expensive and what you pay for buying permits, part of it is given to support conservation initiatives. In addition to the fees paid for gorilla permits, a large of the cost is usually used for paying for veterinary doctors, park ranger guides/trackers, and other park officials.

Why are gorilla permits essential/required?

Gorilla permits are legally required by all visitors with plans to trek mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. Gorilla permits are enforced primarily to regulate the number of people visiting gorillas in the wild. By purchasing gorilla permits, you have contributed hugely towards mountain gorilla conservation efforts.

Who is eligible to buy gorilla permits in Rwanda?

Across the 3 main mountain gorilla trekking destinations, the standard and acceptable age limit enforced is 15 years. If you fall below this age limit, you may not be allowed to buy a gorilla permit or generally engage in a gorilla trekking adventure. Please note, that gorilla permits are available for booking by the elderly and even persons with disabilities.

What else should you have/pack besides gorilla permits?

Several other essentials shouldn’t be left out on your packing list for Rwanda gorilla trekking. These include waterproof hiking boots, a sweater, a rain jacket. A waterproof daypack, a valid passport, a visa, bottled water, a long-sleeved shirt.  A yellow fever certificate, and insect repellent. In addition, come along with toiletries, a medical kit or first aid kit. Trousers, gardening gloves, energy-giving snacks, a safari hat, long socks, and more.

Conclusively, the best and time-saving way for you to buy a gorilla permit is by contacting a reliable tour operator. Or Book your Rwanda gorilla permit 2024 now and don’t wait for last-minute!

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