What is the Cost of Gorilla Trekking in Congo?

Are you planning a gorilla trekking safari to Congo and wondering about the cost? The cost of gorilla trekking in Congo depends on several factors. This is why the cost per person or group varies significantly. Some of the factors that affect the cost of gorilla trekking tours in Congo include; transportation, the price of gorilla trekking permits, and accommodation. The travel season may also come into play on rare occasions. Other factors should also be considered while determining the cost of gorilla trekking in Congo. These may include; flight expenses, visas, and passport fees,

Detailed information about the cost of gorilla trekking in Congo

Cost on transportation

Transport is needed for visitor connectivity to and from the destination where they plan to track gorillas in the D.R. Congo. The cost of transportation covers hiring, fuel, driver guide, and other expenses. The prices may also vary depending on the kind of transportation means whereby those using road transportation may end up paying less compared to those taking flights. The addition of the transportation expense does influence the overall total cost of gorilla trekking in Congo. When planning your gorilla tour to D.R. Congo, contact your tour operator in advance. Note the cost of transportation is covered in the overall total cost of a gorilla safari in Congo.

The cost of hiring a car for road travel to and from gorilla safari parks in Congo also varies depending on the kind of rental car. The available options range from budget to luxury rental car models. The fuel cost is another important factor that has a huge influence on the cost of gorilla trekking in Congo. Fuel is needed for you to cover the distance to and from the destination where gorilla trekking will be done. As you plan for a Congo gorilla tour, be aware of this cost too, and note, that the price is never constant.

Cost of gorilla permits

The overall cost of gorilla trekking in Congo covers the price of obtaining a gorilla trekking permit. It does influence the cost of gorilla trekking in many ways. While the cost of one permit for trekking gorillas in Congo stands at USD400 per person. The cost of gorilla trekking in Congo for a person intending to visit one gorilla group won’t be the same as that who plans to visit two gorilla families.

Take note that gorilla permits are mandatory for everyone with plans to visit gorillas in Congo. Considering the high demand, especially during the peak months of the year (June to September; December to February), ensure that you secure your Congo gorilla permit early enough. Talk to our reservation team now and plan your Congo gorilla trekking safari.

Length of stay on the DRC tour

The cost of gorilla trekking in Congo is not the same for all guests. Visitors with plans to spend many days exploring Congo pay slightly more than someone who travels only for a 3-day gorilla tour in Virunga National Park or Kahuzi-Biega National Park.

The itinerary type

Gorilla safari packages differ in budget, midrange, and luxury thus influencing how much or cost one may pay for a gorilla trekking adventure. A budget Congo gorilla tour usually includes a budget or basic accommodation and may not come with other services as may be the case with luxury/up-market gorilla trips. The luxury gorilla tour includes transportation using a rental car and accommodation options booked are usually upmarket or luxury.

Cost for visa & passports

A gorilla tour to Congo doesn’t stop at booking the gorilla permits. But goes beyond to even securing passports and visas as well as other relevant travel documentation including a yellow fever vaccination certificate. Single entry visas for Congo cost USD 100 valid for 6 months.

The packing list

A complete gorilla trekking tour to Congo requires you to pack some essentials, some of which may require purchasing. On your packing list for the Congo gorilla tour, the following items should be a must-have. They include light and waterproof walking or hiking boots, a good camera free of a flashlight, insect repellent, a sweater, a rain jacket (also known as a poncho), and a first aid kit. Other essential items include long trousers, long-sleeved shirts, and daypack -should be waterproof, etc.

Porter fees

Porter fees shouldn’t be left out, especially if you know your fitness levels. You will need a porter to assist you carry the luggage and you concentrate on your search for a family of mountain gorillas. Porters are available at the briefing area in Virunga National Park or Kahuzi-Biega National Park. Hiring one can be at USD 10-15 per person and feel free to tip him/her at the end of the gorilla trek.

Tipping expenses

Tipping on a safari is good behavior any traveler must show. It is a sign of saying thank you for the good service provided. This is not a must-do thing but should come out of your will. The amount to give as a tip isn’t standard –you can tip as an individual $10, 20, 50, etc. or choose to tip at once as a group (put together your tips and give to service providers). Tipping can be done to driver guides, park ranger guides, and lodge staff who provide a service to you and others.

Flight ticket to and back home

Beyond securing permits for gorilla trekking, and ground transportation to and from the destination, securing a flight ticket is essential too. The cost of a flight ticket also varies depending on the class you book and thus influences your overall cost of gorilla trekking in Congo.

Where to go to trek gorillas in Congo

Congo has emerged as one of the best gorilla trekking destinations in Africa. Are you seeking the best lowland gorilla trekking tour? You should consider visiting the Kahuzi Biega National Park. Those interested in mountain gorilla trekking in Congo, they should plan to visit the Virunga National Park.

Virunga National Park is geographically set in the Albertine rift areas, Virunga region in Eastern D.R. Congo. It is the oldest park in Africa, gazette as Albert Cook National Park in 1925, and is also the biggest of all the mountain gorilla parks. Virunga covers a surface land area of 7800 sq. km and holds up to 8 habituated families of endangered mountain gorillas. Kahuzi-Biega is where families of habituated Eastern lowland gorillas live. It is one park in Congo where Eastern Lowland gorilla trekking is excellently conducted. Note, the Congo gorilla permit cost is the same for gorilla tours in both national parks.

When to visit Congo for gorilla trekking (Kahuzi-Biega/Virunga)

Aside from knowing the cost of gorilla trekking in Congo, it is also important to understand the best time to get to enjoy your adventure. The best time to embark on a journey to trek Congo gorillas is during the dry season. The dry season/months in Kahuzi-Biega/Virunga run from June to September (first phase) and December to February (second phase).

Conclusively, there are important elements/factors one needs to put into consideration that determine the cost of gorilla trekking in Congo. With this in mind, you get a better understanding of the fact that the cost of Congo gorilla trekking tours/safaris isn’t the same. Considering the above factors and other guiding tips, you can plan a successful gorilla tour to Congo with ease. Talk to our expert and start planning your gorilla safari holiday now.

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