Honeymoon in Rwanda – The best places for honeymoon safaris in Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the best places to have a honeymoon safari. The honeymoon is a period in which newly married couples spend together as they start their new life as one. This special period is always a trip taken by the couple to a wonderful and romantic place.

Among the top African Safari destinations is Rwanda filled with a range of attractions such as mountain gorillas, national parks and reserves, beautiful natural features like mountains, highlands, forests, and other forms of vegetation, historical sites, and interesting culture which are just a portion of what the country with the cleanest city in Africa “Kigali’ has in stock for newlyweds.

Rwanda is a small beautiful landlocked country located in Eastern Africa bordered by Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, and Tanzania. It’s also known as the land of “a thousand hills” due to the hilly landscape that can be seen immediately after you set foot on the Rwandan soil at Kigali International Airport.

Honeymoon safaris in Rwanda are so adventurous and relaxing as couples get to cuddle up in any of the thoughtfully designed intimate lodges with a touch of luxury surrounded by spectacular nature and wildlife.

Couples have a variety of adventurous, thrilling and not forgetting romantic activities that they can indulge in and create some of the best memories during their stay in Rwanda such as bungee jumping, quad biking, horse riding, zip lining, boat cruises, archery and so much more.

Best Places for honeymoon safaris in Rwanda 

Are you planning a honeymoon safari and perhaps wondering which place to be in Rwanda? Here are some popular destinations you shouldn’t miss out on during your honeymoon in Rwanda.

Kigali city

This is the capital city of Rwanda and therefore the administrative center. It has lots of beautiful hotels, cinemas, nightclubs, theaters, and historical sites like museums that show Rwanda’s art and culture, and history like the brutal genocide of 1994. Unlike other African cities, Rwanda is organized with beautiful and calm green vegetation along the beautiful roads, it is also known as the cleanest city in Africa. There are lots of restaurants that serve amazing local and continental delicacies to savor.

Visit the Inema Arts Center at Kandt House Museum and see a variety of Rwandan art and fashion, you can also purchase some of the art crafts like jewelry, clothing, home décor, and shoes from the Rwanda Clothing store.

For a variety of drinks, you can visit one of the best coffee houses in the City that brews amazing coffee like Question Coffee and for some strong alcoholic drinks, pass by 1000 Hills Distillery for amazing cocktails and a tour around the distillery during which you get a chance to taste a variety of wines.

Lake Kivu

Located in the Gisenyi Region, couples can relax along the shores of the lake by taking sun baths, walks, participating in sand games, swimming in the waters though these are always guided by instructors who guide you not to go beyond some limits, fishing can also be enjoyed. During the mornings and evenings, there are spectacular views of the sun rising or setting that can be enjoyed while on a boat cruise.

Akagera National Park

Home to a variety of safari animals like elephants, lions, Buffaloes, leopards, hippos, silver monkeys, antelopes, and zebras. The park has a luxurious safari camp known as Magashi, it has six luxury tents in which couples can spend the night in the wilderness. Game drives and boat cruises are one of the popular activities enjoyed by couples.

Volcanoes National Park

Popularly known for hosting mountain gorillas alongside monkeys, a variety of bird species, and other safari animals like elephants and buffaloes. This park is found within the Virunga mountain region composed of 8 different mountains however the park only consists of Mount Karismbi, Bisoke, Muhabura, Sabyinyo, and Gahinga. Couples can trek the endangered mountain gorillas and hike any of the mountains too. Bird lovers can enjoy the bird-watching activity with the help of a guide who helps identify the birds. The park also has several luxurious and budget-friendly accommodation facilities within and around like Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, Virunga Lodge, Villa Gorilla Lodge, and Muhabura Hotel among others.

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Covered with a variety of tall trees and forests, this another honeymoon destination where couples can take part in chimpanzee trekking, golden monkey trekking, birding, and also the thrilling canopy walk which is along a 40-meter-long raised canopy bridge on which you get to see the tree tops and animals in the park at an aerial view. The park also has zip-lining adventures a favorite among couples. After the thrilling adventures, have a sumptuous meal at Nyungwe Forest Lodge where you can also spend the night.

Twin Lakes (Burera and Ruhondo)

Lake Ruhondo and Burera are twin lakes close to Volcanoes National Park and Musanze Town, these lakes are close to each other and their beautiful view can be enjoyed from the balconies of Virunga Lodge. A visit to the lakes allows you to interact with the locals who are usually fishing and you can also get to fish too.                      

The best honeymoon experience is enjoyed during the dry season that occurs between July to September and December to March. During these times, there is less rainfall and therefore most activities that involve hiking will be smooth also couples can sunbathe during this period. However, couples can visit the country at any time of the year.

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