How Much Does a Kenya Tour Cost?

Are you planning to go for a tour in Kenya but you are uncertain how much it costs? Here, we have provided a breakdown of several variables that you should take into consideration when planning your Kenya safari tour. Kenya safari tour cost covers transportation, lodging (accommodation), and meals. The cost excludes all costs for international flights.

What is the cost of transport on the Kenya Tour?

 It is always important to know how you plan to get around on your Kenya safari tour. When planning a Kenya tour, consider the cost of hiring a car or the expense of means for you to connect to your destination. The cost of transportation has a significant influence on a Kenya tour.

If you want the easiest way to get around Kenya then using air transportation should be a must-do. There are small planes that offer fly-in safaris in Kenya to most of the National Parks/Reserves including Masai Mara National Reserve. Renting a car in Kenya – a 4×4 vehicle and driver may for about 120 per day. And if you are in the ground, the cost of transportation is usually shared by members making it slightly more affordable than flying in Kenya safaris.

There are also options for arranging midrange or budget tours an ideal option for persons in need of overland trips between parks. This is considerably the cheapest means for visitors to get around Kenya. But this option requires someone who has all the time to spend on the road.

Length of stay in Kenya

The length of stay does affect the cost of Kenya safari whereby the longer you stay say in the National Park/Reserve, that doesn’t mean the cost per day can reduce. The park entrance fees are charged per visitor and are valid for 24 hours. Spending more days is a good thing as it allows you to have a complete exploration of your destination. But it requires you to plan appropriately including your accommodation and transportation. The beauty about the longer Kenya tours is that you can easily discounted or special offers on accommodation or transportation.


Accommodation is essential to any Kenya safari holiday. Depending on the location, it is possible to find a place to stay at USD 1000 per night or USD 100. But these come with some level of comfort and convenience. The other option is camping – you set up your tent in a given campground and this is the commonest way for visitors on a tight budget.

The key factor to consider when planning a Kenya tour is the location of your accommodation because it does have an impact on the cost. A safari lodge deep in a protected area like Masai Mara National Reserve can be slightly more expensive than one outside. The advantage of spending a night in the accommodation outside the park is that you can be saved from paying the park entrance fees.

Group size

When planning a Kenya trip, you can opt for a private tour or join an already organized group tour. Joining one of the group tours can make your trip a bit cheaper than if you went on a privately customized/tailored tour. The larger the group size, the cheaper the cost per day can be. But visitors who desire top-end tours, take note that these can be individually tailored or may comprise a very small group

When to visit?

When you plan to visit Kenya also has some contribution to the cost of the tour. The peak months such as July, August, September, and October when the majority of the visitors flock to Masai Mara Reserve to witness the Great Migration may mean a hike in the rates of accommodation. Take note the 2nd peak months fall in mid-December to mid-January while the off months occur around November, March, April, and May.

It is during the off months when most accommodations can even be forced to close down but to keep on operating, some cut down on their rates. This makes it possible for you to spend a night in one of the classic lodges at an affordable rate. The off months come with fewer crowds and reduced rates.

Where to go for a Kenya tour?

Kenya features countless destinations or tourist sites. Every tourist site or destination has something unique for visitors to explore. Depending on your travel interest, a Kenya tour is perfectly enjoyed in the National Parks, Game Reserves, and also in coastal beaches. Kenya tours encompass wilderness experiences in the protected areas and the beach holidays. The popular destinations include Masai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Reserve, Samburu Reserve, Tsavo National Park, and others. These are preferred for wildlife tours and if you are an enthusiastic hiker, then opt for Mount Kenya National Park, Hell’s Gate National Park, Mt Elgon, Longonot, and others.


Additional experiences to main activities come at a cost. The popular tour add-on usually includes a hot air balloon ride. An addition of this does affect the overall cost of your Kenya safari tour. The other add-ons may cover the cost of bush breakfast and guided walks.


Visitors who may prefer special interest tours such as birding or bird watching will require meeting the cost for a specialist guide. But again, they are likely to pay less for the fact that they will visit some of the least visited destinations. This is like a savior to their wallets, especially on the park entrance fees and accommodation.


Usually, most holidaymakers can decide to have an addition to a beach holiday. The most famous beaches include Malindi and Diani –all these feature a good number of beach resorts.

Other factors

There are a few extra key areas that may have an impact on the cost of the Kenya tour. These include international flights, visas, travel insurance, tipping, vaccination, and others.

International flight costs

The best and quickest way to reach Kenya for a vacation is by taking a flight. Interestingly, visitors have plenty of great deals for flights to Nairobi where they can begin their holidays. You can connect from Europe to Nairobi or other countries, especially on a direct flight.


Visitors who require visas to be allowed to access Kenya will have to meet the visa cost. A single entry visa can be obtained at USD 50 or you can save yourself by obtaining the East Africa tourist visa at USD 100. The East African tourist visa can permit you to visit two East African Community member states (Uganda or Rwanda) and take note, Tanzania is excluded.


Have a separate budget for tipping and expect to tip staff from the safari lodges/camps, the driver guide, and other service providers. You can tip $15 per person in a day or more depending on how much you appreciate the extraordinary service the person rendered to you.


You will need a yellow fever vaccination to be allowed to enter Kenya. Also budget for other emergencies including common malaria, especially around the coastal areas.

In summary, how much a Kenya tour costs is a significant question that should be answered before you embark on a journey to any destination. With the above up-to-date information, we believe that you can have a well-planned Kenya safari holiday. Contact our team to begin planning and book a remarkable African safari tour to Kenya.

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