Susa A Gorilla Family in Volcanoes National Park

Susa A gorilla family in Volcanoes National Park is such an amazing gorilla group to be visited on a Rwanda primate safari. The family traces its name from the River Susa which passes near their territories within the Volcano National Park. The Volcanoes National Park is located in the Virunga ranges in Rwanda. The park is home to the endangered species of the mountain gorillas. The park still has the mountain gorillas that were once tracked by the late Dian Fossey. Dian Fossey was a conservationist working towards the conservation of mountain gorillas and other primates in the Virunga Conservation Area. Mountain gorillas are one of the largest primates in the primate family and are believed to be the closest cousins of humans. These share over 98%of the DNA of humans.

It is the oldest Gorilla family in Volcanoes National Park

The Susa A gorilla family is the oldest in the Volcanoes National Park. It is the oldest family in the park which had about 42 members. Currently, the family is about 28 members with 2 silver backs. Susa A gorilla family in Volcanoes National Park was usually researched by the American zoologist Dian Fossey. Dian Fossey had a long time research at Karisoke about the mountain gorillas for about 20 years. Little wonder, the Karisoke Research Centre was her innovation. Susa A family lives in the high altitude of the park and it is one of the most challenging families to trekking during a gorilla safari in Rwanda.

Additionally, Susa A gorilla family in Volcanoes National Park is famous for one of the members Poppy who was born in 1976 to be among the Dian Fossey group. Poppy was one of the gorillas during that time who gave birth to twins – Impano and Byishimo in 2004. One of the twins was left out due to difficulties in taking care of them. This makes the family so unique from other families since it has many twins. More so, in 2011, there was more than one set of twins that were produced in Susa A gorilla family. These included; Impeta and Umudende. It is so unfortunate that Impeta passed on in 2015.

Trekking the Susa A gorilla family in Volcanoes National Park

While planning a gorilla trekking safari to the Volcanoes National Park, especially targeting the Susa A gorilla family, good preparation is a requirement.  You are required to book a gorilla permit targeting the Susa family. The gorilla permits in Rwanda cost about 1500 dollars. Gorilla trekking to the Susa A family is one of the most challenging since it requires you to be physically fit. Some trekkers on their gorilla safari usually fail to do this trekking since the family lives at a high altitude in the park. However, there are seasons when Susa A gorilla family comes down the lower altitude areas. This makes it easier for travelers to trek the Susa A gorilla family in Volcanoes National Park.

Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park starts with a briefing at the park headquarters about the gorilla trekking to the Susa A family. During the briefing, you are required to know the dos and don’ts about the gorilla trekking in Rwanda. Only a group of 8 people are allowed to track this gorilla family and when the trekking starts it may take almost a full day.

During the trekking, you will be guided by the park ranger guides. Additionally, you will also meet some other small primates and bird species. Once you meet the Susa A gorilla family, you will have one hour with them seeing them in their natural habitat playing, feeding, and caring for each other. Travelers will also visit the Karisoke Research Center. Here, they see the works of Dian Fossey a conservationist and zoologist towards gorilla conservation in the Virunga region. More so, you will have the opportunity to visit the Dian Fossey grave. The grave is surrounded by other 20 tombs of the people who were killed by the poachers during that time.

 What are the requirements to trek Susa A gorilla family?

Travelers are required to plan accordingly. They ought to know all the requirements needed for the gorilla trekking of the Susa A family. If you are passionate about trekking the Susa A gorilla family in Volcanoes National Park, you must have the requirements in here.

  • The travelers are required to have a valid gorilla trekking permit allocated to the Susa family
  • Travelers are required to have hiking boots for the gorilla trekking since the activity will involve hiking
  • Travelers are recommended not to put on shouting colors of the clothes
  • Travelers are required to have waterproof equipment during the trekking as it may rain
  • Travelers are also required to keep a 7-meter distance from the gorillas
  • Also they are recommended to be physically fit for the gorilla trekking
Which other gorilla families are in Volcanoes National Park?

Other than the famous Susa A gorilla group, Volcanoes National Park is home to over 10 habituated gorilla families. The other gorilla families in the Volcanoes National Park that travelers on their Rwanda safaris can visit include;  

  • Karisimbi family (Susu B)
  • Amahoro group
  • Umubano family
  • Sabyinyo family
  • Agashya family
  • Kwitonda family
  • Hirwa group
  • Ugenda group
  • Bwenge group

All these families are habituated for the gorilla trekking with the Volcanoes National Park and it is recommended as you are booking the gorilla permit to choose a family to track. Now that you know about the history and the beauty of the Susa A gorilla family, book your permit now. One thing you will never regret is a gorilla trekking adventure tour in Rwanda.

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