Planning a Uganda Safari from Europe

Planning a Uganda safari from Europe can be challenging, especially for first-time travelers. Uganda is one of the adventure destinations in Africa. If you are from Europe and perhaps planning a trip, Uganda should be on your travel list.  Europe comprises 44 states. If you are in these states, you must plan accordingly on how to spend your Uganda safari. There is more to a Uganda safari than just flying from Europe to Africa. To be able to have the best out of your safari, you need to have some basic knowledge of Uganda safari tips at your fingertips. Whether you are planning a gorilla trekking tour or a wildlife safari, this article is yours to read.

Facts about Uganda

Uganda is located in the eastern part of Africa and is landlocked. The country is made up of many ethnic groups. The religions, trade, Kiswahili, and English are the means of uniting these ethnic groups. The mass groups of ethnic groups usually gather in the Kampala capital city, Uganda’s main city. The city is made up of hills, and wetlands at its boundary and also borders the largest freshwater in Africa Lake Victoria. Uganda gained its independence in 1962 from the British Empire. Additionally, Uganda is made up of 10 national parks, 12 wildlife reserves, and 1 wildlife sanctuary. Each area has its major attractions and they are managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

What you need to know while planning a Uganda safari from Europe

Before planning a Uganda safari from Europe, you need to know the requirements for a Uganda safari before setting off for the safari.

You are also required to know the best time to visit Uganda for you to enjoy your safari though the country is open for travelers throughout the year. Uganda experiences a tropical type of climate with two rainy seasons and the rest is the dry season. The northern part of the country experiences a semi-desert type of climate receiving one rainy season in the year.

The rainy season is usually experienced in March to May and September to December while the dry season is in June to July and December to February. Generally, the best time to visit Uganda is the dry season since the vegetation is short. More so, the destinations are clear for the travelers to see different wildlife and other attractions. Usually, this dry season is the peak season for the tourists with the highest number of tourist arrivals. Also in the wet season, the country can be visited since the country is open to tourists throughout the year. During this season, there is less traffic and the safari activities usually go on with disturbances with the weather conditions.

Know the Requirements

Before planning for a Uganda safari, you will also be required to first choose an authentic tour operator who you will inquire about what kind of activity you will do.

The visa requirements are part of the planning stage of the Uganda safari. The requirements include the yellow fever card, COVID vaccination card, valid passport, and copy of the booked safari. The tourist Visa to Uganda usually costs 50 dollars which lasts for about 3 to 6 months. During the processing, you can also acquire the East African visa for Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya for 100 dollars which lasts for 90 days.

Lastly, you are required to know the time zone of Uganda and the currency exchange rate of your state’s currency to that of Uganda.

Planning for the best Uganda safari from Europe

In the planning stage of the Uganda safari from Europe, you are required to choose the activities and the number of days that you will spend in Uganda. After choosing the activities, you will be required to make a booking for some activities. Some of these activities include; gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, golden monkey trekking, gorilla and chimpanzee habituation, and many others.

Planning also involves booking hotels and other facilities when you have chosen the authentic tour operator in Uganda. In the booking stage of safari activities in Uganda one is required to send a copy of the passport for the tour operator to make a booking.

What to see on the Uganda safari when you are from Europe?

There is a lot to see on a Uganda safari when you are from Europe. There are vast attractions while on your visit to Uganda and these include;


Uganda is blessed with a lot of wildlife and this wildlife makes the Uganda safari so interesting for the tourists from Europe. While on Uganda safari, you will see a lot of the wildlife in the Uganda national parks, game reserves, and the sanctuary. These gazetted areas are spread around the country. The wildlife ranges in the big five animals, primates, herbivores, carnivores, rodents, reptiles, bird species, and many others. The primates are the prime wildlife in the country which makes Uganda a distinct destination from others. These primates include the gorillas, chimpanzees, golden monkeys, and many others. Uganda is considered to be the home of half of the world’s mountain gorillas. While on a safari to Uganda from Europe, you will encounter wildlife through game drives, nature walks, trekking, habituation, and many others.

Cultural communities

Uganda is home to diverse ethnic groups. So while on the Uganda safari, you will encounter a lot of the communities in Uganda. You will know their way of living, dances, foods, activities, and marriages. These communities include; the Batwa, Ankole, Buganda, Tooro, Bagisu, Karamongo, Busoga, Bunyoro, and many others.

Uganda Safari from Europe

Physical features

The landscape of the land in Uganda also is among the key attractions for travelers on a Uganda safari from Europe. The physical features include mountains like Mountain Rwenzori, Mount Elgon, Mount Moroto, and many others, hot springs, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and many others. Uganda is considered to have the world’s strongest falls which are the most falls on the world’s strong falls.

Historical sites

Uganda is blessed with a lot of rich history. The historical sites of Uganda have tremendously contributed to the development of the country. Some of the historical sites to be visited on a Uganda safari include; the Independence Monument, Uganda National Museum, Kasubi Tombs, Namilembe Cathedral, Uganda Martyrs Shrine in Namugongo, and many others.

Flights from Europe to Uganda

While in Europe, there are several flights from Europe to Uganda. When you are to book a flight from Europe to Uganda ensure to have all the required travel documents. For instance, you are required to have all the Visa requirements for you to be allowed in Uganda. Flights from any country or nation in Europe usually take about 14 hours to reach the Entebbe International Airport (Uganda). Usually, the flights arrive in Uganda late in the night at the Entebbe International Airport. After checking in and clearing with the migration office, you will head to the mainland of Uganda. You will meet your guide waiting for you who will transfer you to your hotel.

Most of the flights to Entebbe International Airport are not direct. However, they usually make one or two stops along the way. Whether you are from Brussels, Copenhagen, Denver, London, or another European country, you will stop at places like Amsterdam, Kigali, Cairo, or Adis-Ababa. Get detailed flight programs from here.

Where in Uganda can I stay when I am from Europe?

In Uganda, there is a variety of accommodation facilities that one can choose from. The accommodation facilities in the park are located within the national parks, towns, near the airport, city center, and many other areas. These accommodation facilities range in a wide range of facilities and they include;

Luxury accommodation facilities

The luxury accommodation facilities are facilities that offer a high-end level of services that are desirable and luxurious for travelers on the Uganda safari from Europe. These facilities usually range from 500 dollars to 2000 dollars.

Midrange accommodation facilities

The midrange accommodation facilities are facilities that offer moderate services and large amenities for the travelers to rest in and the facilities usually range between 200 dollars to 400 dollars.

Budget accommodation facilities

The budget accommodation facilities are facilities that offer services to travelers on their Uganda safaris who are on a tight budget. These facilities are usually available for travelers who have low incomes.


The homestays are facilities that travelers on their Uganda safari usually choose to stay in with the locals as a form of interacting with the locals. Here the tourists usually enjoy the cultural practices which are usually experienced. The tourists on the Uganda safari in the homestays usually engage themselves in the local culture, practice the local languages, enjoy the locally prepared meals, and feel part of the community. There are a variety of accommodation facilities in Uganda that travelers can stay in on their Uganda safari from Europe.

Is it safe to visit Uganda for Uganda safari from Europe?

Uganda is safe for tourists from Europe to engage in the Uganda safari. The country’s security towards tourists is focused on the safety of the travelers. The people of Uganda are generally hospitable and welcoming to their country. Also in the country, there is a low crime rate. It is also recommended for the traveler to use an authentic tour operator to ensure the safety of the travelers.

Uganda is generally epidemic but there are usually threats of tropical diseases like malaria, yellow fever, typhoid, cholera, and many others. It is recommended for the traveler on a Uganda safari from Europe to get vaccinated before planning for the Uganda safari. Travelers on the Uganda safari from Europe are required to be healthy enough to visit Uganda. So a traveler is required to have vaccination cards for yellow fever, COVID-19, Hepatitis B, and many others.

How much does a Uganda safari cost?

While planning a Uganda safari, you are always required to know the cost of the safari that you will pay for the Uganda safari from Europe. The cost of the Uganda safari will start by listing down the activities you would wish to do while on a Uganda safari from Europe. The safari usually costs about 200 to 1000 dollars a day upon which activities will be done in Uganda.

Ideal safari packages for Travelers to Uganda from Europe

There are a variety of packages that travelers to a Uganda safari from Europe can choose from. The safari packages for travelers on a Uganda safari from Europe can choose the following;

European Embassies in Uganda

An embassy is an official resident of the countries in another country which is headed by an ambassador who is a native of the country. There are several embassies of the European states and some of these embassies include; the European Union, the Netherlands embassy, the German embassy, the United Kingdom, and many others. Usually, these embassies aid travelers with the diplomatic problems or challenges they face. More so, these challenges are usually handled in these embassies. So travelers on a Uganda safari from Europe are usually required to book according to which activities they want to do.

Now that you have the basic knowledge of planning a Uganda safari from Europe, book a Uganda safari and create memories.

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