Pickup and Drop off at Entebbe International Airport

Did you know you can easily book airport transfers in Uganda? Airport transfers in Uganda involve pickups and drop-offs at Entebbe International Airport. Booking a Uganda airport tax is as easy as you cannot imagine. However, if you do not have adequate information, airport car booking can be a challenging task. The challenges might become heavier for first-time travelers planning a Uganda safari. In this article, we will delve into answering some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Airport transfers in Uganda. When you read until the bottom of the page, you will be ready to book your airport pickup or drop-off in Entebbe.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Airport Transfers in Uganda

How much is a taxi from Entebbe to Kampala?

An airport taxi from Entebbe International Airport to Kampala and the surrounding areas range between USD45 to USD70. This depends on the luggage and the number of people traveling. The cost of an airport transfer from Entebbe to Kampala also depends on the type of vehicle or taxi you intend to use. The taxis range from budget to luxury and mid-range. The prices are negotiable depending on the company or taxi owner. All you should know is that you do not need to break the bank to book a taxi from Entebbe International Airport to Kampala.

If you intend to travel to distant or up-country areas straight from Entebbe International Airport, an airport transfer may go for USD 150 or USD 200. This price is subject to change depending on the distance from Entebbe International Airport. Talk to us about your airport transfer plan now for more information.

Does Uganda have Uber services?

Yes, Uganda has Uber services available at the Entebbe International Airport. These services operate within Kampala and across the country. Booking a Uganda airport transfer becomes easy when you book in advance. This helps you have a driver waiting ready at the Airport. Other than Uber services, Uganda Tour Operators or Tour companies like Native Africa Tours offer airport transfer services. These services are usually included in the safari package for travelers visiting Uganda’s safari destinations.

Is it possible to do a shared airport transfer at Entebbe Airport?

Yes, it is possible to do a shared airport transfer in Uganda. A shared airport transfer in Uganda involves more than one passenger sharing a taxi or vehicle from the airport when they arrive at the same time. It is possible to tell your local operator in Uganda to tag your airport transfer along with other travelers. Shared transfers are cost-effective options where you share a vehicle with other passengers arriving at similar times. These transfers are usually organized by tour operators or transport companies and can be a budget-friendly choice for solo travelers or small groups. It’s important to note that shared transfers may involve multiple stops to drop off passengers at different locations.

Is it safe to use public transport from Entebbe to Kampala?

Uganda is generally a safe destination for travelers from all corners of the world. Using public means in Uganda from Entebbe is possible. However, you may not get a more personalized service like using a tour operator or airport taxi. Additionally, public cars in Uganda do not go off the main road. This might be challenging to reach your hotel. You will have to use a boda-boda (motorcycle) to reach your final destination. This can be a somewhat adaunting option, especially for travelers with heavy luggage.

What is the nearest hotel in Entebbe?

Entebbe town is a busy and fast-growing area in Uganda. It is the closest town to Entebbe International Airport. Are you planning a Uganda safari and perhaps wondering where you can spend a night upon arrival at Entebbe Airport? Below is a list of some of the hotels where you can have the best accommodation services in Entebbe town;

Via Via Hotel: This hotel is situated just a short distance from the airport, making it a convenient choice for travelers. It offers comfortable rooms, a restaurant, a bar, a swimming pool, and other amenities.

Airport View Hotel: Located within a 10-minute drive from Entebbe International Airport, this hotel offers comfortable accommodation and a range of amenities including a restaurant, bar, and complimentary Wi-Fi.

2 Friends Beach Hotel: Situated approximately 2 kilometers from the airport, this hotel provides a peaceful setting with direct access to the beach. It offers comfortable rooms, a restaurant, a bar, and a garden.

Karibu Guesthouse Entebbe: This guesthouse is located within a short distance from the airport and offers cozy rooms with private bathrooms. It features a garden, a terrace, and a shared lounge area.

Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa: Although slightly further from the airport (approximately 8 kilometers), this luxurious resort provides a serene environment and beautiful views of Lake Victoria. It offers spacious rooms, multiple dining options, a golf course, a spa, and various recreational facilities.

Why should I use a tour company for airport transfers in Uganda?

Booking your airport transfers through a tour company in Uganda saves you a lot. Most of the safari companies in Uganda offer Airport pickups and drop-offs at an affordable price. The beauty of it is the fact that tour operators in Uganda have vast experience in organizing transport in the country. Additionally, at Native Africa Tours, we go ahead to book our clients hotels that fit their budgets. For travelers taking on a safari in Uganda, we give them free airport transfers depending on the number of days for their trips. We believe that by doing this, we help you save more without tampering with your travel experience in Uganda.

Airport transfers in Uganda
Airport transfers in Uganda

Booking an airport transfer in Entebbe through a reputable tour company is a guarantee of safety on your safari. If anything has gone wrong, it is easier to track down a tour company than a private taxi driver. If you have forgotten something in our safari vehicle, we are willing to keep it safe or even send it to you in the easiest way possible.

Is it worth booking an airport transfer in Uganda?

Yes, booking an airport transfer in Uganda is worth the money. This is because you are guaranteed safety and traveling on time. Most of the airport transfer service providers in Uganda mind about time. This means that there is less or no chance of missing your outbound flight while on a Uganda safari. Tell us about your arrival and departure time for the best airport transfer services.

Is Entebbe International Airport safe for airport transfers?

Yes, Entebbe International Airport is safe for travelers in need of airport transfer services. However, like any other busy destination in the world, it is important to mind your safety while at the Entebbe International Airport. Be aware of fraudsters pretending to offer airport pickups in Uganda. To ensure this, you may ask a few questions about your service provider upon arrival. Confirm whether the car you requested is the one that has been brought. You may ask for a driving license or identity card of the driver before setting off. Take care of your luggage and report any suspicious events while at the Airport or during the transfer. With these in place, you are guaranteed safety on a Uganda safari.

Which Safari activities can easily be done from Entebbe?              

A Uganda safari does not have to be done by those with many days in the country. Uganda offers reliable safari destinations near the Entebbe International Airport. These can be done by anyone including half-day city tours and many more. Some of the safari activities that can be done near Entebbe include;

In conclusion, airport transfer services in Uganda can be turned into a signature of memories when done in the right way. Booking your Uganda airport transfers can be made easier through a reputable tour operator. This is why Native Africa Tours is one click away from making your Uganda safari dreams come true. Book your Airport Transfer Now and create a signature of memories with us.

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