How Can I Book a Gorilla Permit in Uganda?

How can I book a gorilla permit in Uganda? Are you also asking this commonly asked question about booking a Uganda gorilla trekking permit? Do not fret, we are here to answer all the frequently Asked Questions about mountain gorilla trekking permits and bookings. Booking a Uganda gorilla trekking permit requires one to do it through a licensed tour operator or local tour company in Uganda.

What is a gorilla permit?

A gorilla permit/gorilla trekking/tracking permit is a valid document/card issued to visitors by the Uganda Wildlife Authority/Rwanda Development Board. This relevant document is issued to tourists with plans to trek mountain gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda, or D.R. Congo. Obtaining a permit for gorilla trekking in Uganda allows you to explore a gorilla group either in Bwindi or Mgahinga.

Booking a gorilla permit through the local tour operator in Uganda

Contact Native Africa Tours Now to book your Uganda gorilla trekking permit. Talk to the expert via or call/WhatsApp: +256759392905. We are available 24/7 to make your dreams come true.

You will be required to provide us with the dates, month, and year that you plan to travel to trek mountain gorillas in Uganda. Our reservation team will cross-check the availability of gorilla permits and if the permits are available for the dates you requested. In case the gorilla permits are available for the dates you desire to trek gorillas, the permit is booked on your behalf.

Relevant personal details that will be required include a copy of your passport (this should clearly show your full name and other details). Once the permit is booked, a scanned copy will be sent to you via email.

How much do I need to book a gorilla trekking permit in Uganda?

As of 2024, each gorilla permit is available for booking at USD 800 per person and this is for foreign non-residents; USD 700 for foreign residents. East African citizens including Ugandans pay shs.300,000 per person while Africans outside the East African Community pay USD 500 per visitor.

Gorilla habituation permits

Away from the regular gorilla trekking permits, there are also mountain gorilla habituation permits worth booking. Each is available for booking at USD 1500 per visitor, and these can be booked through your licensed local tour operator in Uganda.

Gorilla Permit Rwanda 2024

A gorilla permit is one of the essential requirements and each permit costs USD 1500 per person. Visitors can also pay USD 1050 and this applies to guests who would also like to visit other national parks; Nyungwe Forest National Park (NFNP) and Akagera National Park. This is if you plan to spend at least 3 days or more during the low or off-season.

A 15% discount offer is also available for visitors at a conference in Kigali who stay before/after MICE events to trek mountain gorillas. You can also opt for USD 15000 available for guests interested in private gorilla tours and this encompasses exclusive personalized tour guide services. Or book a permit at USD 3000 available option for a minimum of 3 visitors for visits of 3 consecutive days.

How far in advance should I book a gorilla permit and tour in Uganda?

If you are planning a Uganda gorilla trekking tour or a Uganda gorilla trekking safari, it is important to book your gorilla permit in advance. This means it is good to book your Uganda gorilla permits at least 3 months before your arrival.

By booking your gorilla permit early, first, you won’t experience any inconveniences that come with last-minute planning. The other benefit of booking for your gorilla permit and safari in advance is, that you can have everything put together early including transportation and accommodation.

Am I guaranteed to see gorillas in Uganda?

Visitors on gorilla tours have at least a 95% chance of seeing gorillas in the wild while on gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park.

How easy is it to see gorillas in Uganda?

With the availability of already habituated gorilla families, it is easier to embark on the search for mountain gorillas in the wild. Besides, park trackers are also sent into the jungles early to ascertain the location of gorilla groups while visitors undergo briefing. After briefing, the park ranger guides keep in touch with the trackers, something that makes the gorilla search process easier.

Where to go for gorilla trekking in Uganda?

Gorilla trekking in Uganda is done in only two safari destinations. These include; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. These two protected areas shelter up to about half of the world’s total 1063 endangered mountain gorillas.

Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks are found in far Southwestern Uganda. These rainforest-dominated protected areas offer refuge to over 23 habituated gorilla families –all open for gorilla trekking. Gorilla trekking adventures in Uganda are enjoyable starting from any of the five sectors; Rushaga, Nkuringo, Buhoma, Ruhija, and Ntebeko area.

The best place to experience gorilla habituation is around the Rushaga region. This sector is situated in the Southern end of Bwindi and is not only the most popular for gorilla habituation experience but also home to the highest concentration of habituated gorilla groups.

Cancellation process as per Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA)
  • 0-8 days to gorilla trekking; there is no refund.
  • 9-45 days to actual gorilla trek; refund stands at 25%
  • 46-90 days to actual gorilla trekking; 50 percent.
  • 91 days & above to actual gorilla trek; attracts 75% refund to the guest.
What is the acceptable age limit for booking gorilla permits and gorilla trekking?

You can be considered eligible to book a valid gorilla permit and gorilla safari if you are above 15 years old. But there are some instances where those below 15 years can be allowed to go trek gorillas or book gorilla permits. This is especially true if the child is almost celebrating his/her 15th birthday. Feel free to contact your local tour operator for further guidance, especially planning and booking your gorilla safari in Uganda.

What else should you have on a gorilla trip to Uganda?

The list of items to consider packing for a gorilla tour in Uganda is endless. But the most essential ones include waterproof hiking boots, a camera free of a flashlight, and extra camera batteries. You also require a pair of trousers, long-sleeved shirts, a sweater, a rain jacket, a sweater, insect repellent, a waterproof daypack, waterproof hiking or walking boots, a safari hat, and gardening gloves. Additional items to carry include toiletries, sunscreen, bottled water, snacks, a pair of binoculars, and many others.

When to book a gorilla permit in Uganda?

Gorilla permits in Uganda are available for booking at any time of the year. But because there is high demand, especially during the peak season, better to have your permit booked early at least 2-6 months earlier.

How long does a Uganda gorilla permit validity take?

The gorilla permit you obtain will be valid for the gorilla trekking date you have planned for. Once that gorilla tracking date elapses, it expires/becomes invalid. This means you should consider planning your gorilla tour early enough. In case of any issues, talk to your expert to reschedule your gorilla trekking date.

Overall, gorilla permits are essential for all gorilla safaris in Uganda. The easiest way to book one is by dealing with a reliable local tour operator. Talk to Us now to book your Uganda gorilla permit.

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