Where Can I See Cheetahs in Tanzania?

Tanzania is one of the destinations in the world where one can see cheetahs. The cheetahs are one of the wildlife species you can see in the savannah grassland of Tanzania. The cheetahs are the fastest cats among the mammals. They can run about 110 kilometers per hour. Their body structure is flexible, having long legs, retractable claws, and tails that allow them to run at a high speed. The cheetahs weigh about 34 to 54 kilograms and usually the males weigh more.  They have a pale yellow coat with black dots skin and white underbelly.  Additionally, cheetah’s faces are curved from the inner corner of the eyes which comes at the corner of the mouth. They are also carnivores that usually hunt other wildlife for food.

Furthermore, cheetahs prefer hunting during the day to avoid competition from other predators like lions, and leopards. Before hunting, it first scans with exceptional eyesight, and when it sees the environment is free to hunt until it gets the food. The cheetahs in Tanzania live in a socially organized community where the males hunt together and the females live with the young ones for about six months. Adult females tend to live a solitary life to mate with the males. Female cheetahs usually give birth to 2 to 8 cubs and they care for the cubs for 16 to 24 months. They are left to take care of themselves.Cheetahs in Tanzania

Where to see cheetahs in Tanzania?

In Tanzania, there are a quite number of places to see the cheetahs, and some of these places are gazettes for this wildlife. An exclusive Tanzania safari to any of the following places allows you to spot cheetahs.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is located in northern Tanzania. The conservation area is made up of volcanic features like the Ngorongoro Crater. Ngorongoro Conservation Area is home to a quite number of cheetahs but they are rare in the crater. They are usually tracked near Lake Ndutu in the conservation area.

Serengeti National Park

In the Serengeti National Park, the number of cheetahs is about 300. During a Tanzania safari, there are high chances to see the cheetahs within the park. The cheetahs are usually in the areas of the Namiri plains and Serenora area within the Serengeti National Park. The cheetahs can also be seen during the wildebeest migration experience.  

Lake Manyara National Park

During a Tanzania safari in the Lake Manyara National Park cheetahs can be spotted during a game viewing in the park with other wildlife alongside. These animals can be seen on high cliffs, on top of the ant hills, and open grassland of the park.

Ruaha National Park

Ruaha National Park is one of the destinations in Tanzania the travelers can visit and track the cheetahs. The cheetahs are available in the park but are difficult to see. Other wildlife that can be seen in the park include lions, zebras, leopards, and many others.

The threats facing cheetahs in Tanzania 

The cheetahs in Tanzania face a lot of threats in their environment including thus their tremendous reduction in number.

To begin with, cheetahs face habitat loss since most of the areas that they occupy are being encroached on by human beings to get land for settlement and farming. Additionally, attacks from other predators in the park like lions, and leopards usually injure them seriously and may lead to death. Poaching is one of the key threats to the cheetahs where they are hunted down for their skins and illegal trade. It is important to ensure good tourism practices while tracking the cheetahs of Tanzania. It is everyone’s responsibility to support the survival of these beautiful species.

Ideal safaris that will guide you to see the cheetahs in Tanzania

How can I see the cheetahs in Tanzania?

Cheetahs in Tanzania can be seen within the protected areas of Tanzania. Getting an up-close encounter with cheetahs can be made possible by participating in any of the following activities on a Tanzania safari.

Game drives

Game drives are the main activities that are carried out in the different protected areas of Tanzania and the easiest way to see the cheetahs. These game drives can be done in the morning, afternoon, and evening within the different protected areas. During a game drive, other wildlife can be seen like lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, zebras, wildebeests, and many others. The game drives are done in the 4×4 safari van with a pop-up and also in gazette tracks of the area.

Nature walks

During the nature walks in the park for the bird lovers, also the cheetahs can be seen in the park. The nature walk is done under the guidance of the armed ranger guides. During the nature walk, you will see other wildlife like zebras, elephants bird species, and many others.

Hot air balloon safari

This is one of the life adventures which is done within the protected areas to view the cheetahs. This adventure is done by flying in the air with a hot air balloon. During the adventure, you will have magnificent views of the protected area landscapes, wildlife, and other features.

What is the best time to see cheetahs in Tanzania?

The cheetahs can be seen at any time of the year since the parks are usually open for tourists to do their safaris in search of the cheetahs. However, June to October and December to February are the best months of the year to see the cheetahs in the different parks in Tanzania. In these months, the vegetation is always short and also the park is clear for the view of these wildlife. Book your Tanzania Cheetah Safari Now.

How to acquire a Tanzania visa for one to see the cheetahs?

As you are planning a safari to Tanzania, you are required to book a tourist visa for the travelers to see the cheetahs. The Visa booking can be done at the embassies of Tanzania for the safari. You can also board a flight to Tanzania and on arrival at any entry point of the country, you can purchase a tourist Visa to allow you access the country. Travelers are required to have yellow fever and COVID-19 certificates as one of the requirements to get the Visa. The Visa lasts for 90 days from the time of the entry and it is for a single entry.

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